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I am offering you the opportunity to write an article for my website, about anything that appertains to climate change or other environmental issues.

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Important Guidelines

Firstly, any bad quality articles will be automatically deleted. Please keep in mind that the Climate Change Guide receives a lot of submissions.

It is important that you follow these guidelines if you want your article to be published.

Sources and Links

All links should be placed at the bottom of the webpage. In addition, there should be a link to at least one good quality source.

Furthermore, there is no need for any html code. In fact, all you need to do is just copy and paste the links to the end of the submission.

You could have links to your Facebook Page, website, or YouTube channel. However, they should be placed at the end of the submission.

Images, Links, and Videos

There should be at least one good quality image.

In addition, if you can place the link (at the bottom of the submission) to a YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo video, it would be very appreciated.

Essentially, an article that has at least one good quality video will be better than an article that has none. Once again, you only need to place the links to videos at the bottom of the submission and you don't need to worry about code.

If you really need a link to be placed inside the content, add them in parentheses in the location you would like it to be. As mentioned before, it is preferable if you have links at the bottom of the page.

In addition, you could have a "Sources" section at the bottom of the article.

Furthermore, try to minimize the amount of links per article (a few is better than many).

Quality of Text

There is no need to worry about font (including bold, underline or italics).

However, the article should at least be 300 words and should not be excessively long (like over 1500 words).

In addition, we prefer English (US) as a standard since this website reaches an international audience.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you write your article first in software such as Word. In addition, we highly recommend that you use Grammarly (free version or premium version). 

In addition, if you believe that it will be easier to write an article with a dictation tool, then I recommend Speechnotes or Evernote.

Paragraphs and Headlines

It's crucial that you first take a look at several submissions and several regular articles on the Climate Change Guide.

Essentially, you will notice that there are small paragraphs which are divided by headlines. It's important that you follow this standard because we are not very likely to accept new articles which have very long paragraphs with no headlines to divide groups of paragraphs.

Ready to Contribute Your Pages?

Please make sure that you read the guidelines above in addition to the submission guidelines which is in the form itself.

Once your article is published, it will appear in what's new. As a result, you will be able to share it.

In addition, you can submit in either of these two more specific sections:

Thank you for your important help in building a growing community and for following the guidelines aforementioned.

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We Have Met the Warming Cause and It Is Us 
A number of attribution studies have been done to determine the human-caused component of the ongoing warming of our globe. What these studies found is …

Cowspiracy Debunked 
Regarding Cowspiracy : "Cowspiracy is about spreading propaganda to further an agenda and not an in depth or real discussion on what needs to be done …

Agriculture Causes Less Emissions than Transportation 
Per the EPA, total GHG contributions from agriculture, which includes all emissions from meat production, represent but 8.7% of the total (with transportation …

Natural Sinks Continue to Soak up Our Increasing Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
The paper confirms that natural sinks continue to soak up our increasing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, to the point that the sinks themselves …

Climate Change's Worst-Case Scenario Is 200 Feet of Sea Level Rise 
Climate Change’s Worst-Case Scenario: 200 Feet of Sea Level Rise With cumulative fossil fuel emissions of 10,000 gigatonnes of carbon (GtC), Antarctica …

Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age Debunked 
Per the PAGES 2000 reconstruction, current global surface temperatures are hotter than at ANY time in the past 1,400 years, and that while the Medieval …

Little Ice Age Debunked 
Given the recent nonsense in the media about the supposed impending "ice age" from an upcoming "Maunder Minimum", here's what the evidence has to say about …

Carbon Dioxide Is the Biggest Climate Temperature Control Knob, Not Water Vapor 
As for water vapor vs CO 2 , the Earth's climate doesn't change significantly without a change in factors capable of forcing it to change ( see larger …

How Many Birds Do Wind Turbines Kill Compared to Fossil Fuels? 
Wind turbines kill orders of magnitudes fewer birds than do fossil fuel energy generation sources. Where's the outcry against those? In reality, cars …

Examining Glacial Mass Balance 
Let's examine the question of glacial mass balance, shall we? Firstly, the majority of reference glaciers the world over are thinning and retreating. …

Scientific Data on Sea Level Rise 
When calculating sea level rise, we need to take many different factors into account. Hence, we cannot just look at the melting of glaciers. What about …

Trying to Stop Denial Online 
The following is the verbiage I post on articles infested with deniers: What I Post on Articles Filled With Deniers Reddit’s science forum banned climate …

Debunking the Meat vs. Transportation Climate Change Myth 
There are articles that exaggerate the emissions from the meat industry. These don't cite ANY sources at all for their claims. NONE. ZERO. What does …

How do We Know the Rise in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Comes from Us? 
To start with, scientists have a pretty good understanding of what the Earth's climate has been throughout its history, why it has changed over time and …

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