Make the Planet Great Again!

The planet used to be great, but it's not anymore. We need to make the planet great again! We need to get a solar wall built along the Mexican border and make the fossil fuel industry pay for it!

Alright, in all seriousness, you can get these t-shirts with these custom-made designs. Scroll down this page to see an image you like and purchase a t-shirt or other products.

All proceeds will go to pay for expenses of the Climate Change Guide.

The links below point to the t-shirts on TeeSpring, but we also have a store at RedBubble.

Earth has a fever

Here is the link to buy this

Greta The Great

Here is the link to buy this

Our Planet is on Fire

Here is the link to buy this

Make the Planet Great Again (with hat)

Here is the link to buy this

Make the Planet Great Again (no hat)

Here is the link to buy this

Make the planet great again!

Here is the link to buy this

Other T-Shirts to Raise Funds

Raise Awareness About OCD

Buy this t-shirt here.

Help Stop Bullying

Help raise awareness about bullying and buy the t-shirt here.

Designs from

Earth has a fever t-shirt
Our Planet is on Fire T-Shirt
Make the Planet Great Again T-Shirt
Make the planet great again t-shirt.

Origin of  "Make the Planet Great Again"

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, said those words when he was speaking about the need to fight climate change.

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