YouTube Videos to Raise Awareness

by Laurent Cousineau

In an age of social media, we have more potential than ever before to reach many people around the globe.

One of the many ways in which we can use social media is to create YouTube videos.

Since I’ve made my Facebook Page, Climate Change Guide, back in 2011, I’ve received many messages from my followers and these include several YouTube videos.

Climate Change Denial

Unfortunately, there is a vast climate change denial industry out there. In fact, recent studies show that nearly one billion dollars a year is used to spread disinformation about global warming with an aim to confuse the public and to stop legislation which will regulate carbon dioxide emissions.

Believe it or not, the Climate Change Counter Movement (CCCM), a structured “think tank” supported by 91 official organizations and funded by 140 non-profits, will broadcast information via websites, editorials, advertisements, social media, forums, and so on.

Unsurprisingly, stockholders who could be negatively affected by climate change legislation are the major funders of CCCM with Exxon Mobil and Koch Enterprises being the biggest players.

As bizarre as it may sound, there are people who will spend hours writing comments in social media (including YouTube) to spread lies about climate change and there has been many YouTube videos created for such a purpose.

Fighting Back

Therefore, it is important for environmentalists to fight back and hence why I am showcasing the following video entitled, “Men With Day Jobs: Denial Tango 2014.”

This video is one of many videos out there which criticize those who are denying anthropogenic climate change despite the vast amount of evidence and the scientific consensus (over 97% of scientists assert that climate change is happening and is caused by mankind).

The good news is that despite the monumental coffers of oil and coal companies, the people will always have a voice but it is up to them to use it. Therefore, consider making your own YouTube video and sharing those others have made.

Here is a video I made myself back in 2011:

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