Worm Composting

by Liz
(Texas, USA)

I began worm composting some 9 years ago when my eldest daughter was 2 and was diagnosed with asthma.

Honestly, my motivation at the time was nothing more than making my own organic fertilizer.

At the time, I had NO idea of the massive amounts of produce scraps we were putting in the trash until I started saving it to feed my worms.

Our family of 4 makes 1/2-1 gallon of scraps per day! Do the math, 180-360 gallons per year. Can you believe that?

I now collect my mother's and sister's food scraps too.

Worm composting is a fun way to compost. The worms do 90% of the work. Even this mom figured out. I became so passionate about it, that I started BigTex Worms in 2009.

Essentially, I sell red wiggler worms and teach others how to start their own worm bin.

If anyone is interested, I have an active forum, over 30 YouTube videos, and hundreds of articles on worm composting on my site.

Give worms a chance,
BigTex Worms

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