What If We Could SEE Carbon Dioxide? What If It Were, Say, Pink?

One of the many challenges to slowing #climatechange is that we can't really SEE what's causing it (all the greenhouse gasses are invisible), and the impacts have been slow to manifest.

There is no bogeyman to rally against (think Hitler) and no visible impact to go after (think roadside litter in the 1960s).

And so climate change is happening under our very noses, yet we're not rallying against it nearly as fast as we need to if we're going to turn the aircraft carrier in time.

Visualizing Carbon Dioxide

But what if we COULD see what's causing climate change?

What if we could see carbon dioxide as a color (say, pink) puffing out behind cars and planes and rising from factory smoke stacks and our own furnace and water heater chimneys?

What if our atmosphere were now tinted pink and getting pinker?

Please Don't Paint Our Planet Pink

That's the premise behind a new book about climate change aimed at inspiring kids (and their adults) to start SEEING carbon dioxide, and then take action.

"PLEASE DON'T PAINT OUR PLANET PINK" uses watercolor illustrations, humor, and a dash of climate science to inspire kids and adults alike to tap their imaginations and start seeing carbon dioxide.

Bill McKibben says of the book, "I've often wondered what might happen if CO2 were visible. Now I know!"

Now let's go out and #startseeingCO2.

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