Waste Vegetable Oils & Climate Change

by Stephen Griffiths

The future is now with us, and there is much needed to be done regarding abrupt climate change.

At the moment, polar ice caps are melting rapidly as a result of the increase in the global atmospheric temperature caused by over a century of heavy fossil fuel consumption and nuclear weapons testing.

Raising Awareness

Now that mankind is slowly evolving and becoming more aware of the environment in which he lives in, the influence of better technology and the better understanding of what direction we are going in it is up to the minority that are fully aware of what needs to be done.

In essence, this minority must educate future generations as it is imperative to our survival and it is in our nature to do so.

Winds of Change

We have come a long way in our own development from horse and cart, rag and coal mills to the latest gizmos in technology and the understanding that the environment that we live in is also a living entity.

Now, we can see the damage caused to the environment and Mother Nature is in fact causing us harm via the effects of climate change.

Where there is action there is reaction, cause and effect. Everything we do leaves a mark of some kind. As they say, what goes around comes around and it is time for change.

Our Website

My company is doing its part for the environment. In sum, we specialise in collections of waste vegetable oil that is then passed over to the biodiesel stations for biodiesel production.

The cardboard, plastic and aluminium containers collected with the oil are also transported to the recycling companies and recycled.

We also ensure that our transport runs on straight vegetable oil in the summer and biodiesel in the winter, leaving a non-carbon green footprint.

For more information, please visit us at www.wastevegetableoils.com

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