Tree Plantation Campaign

by Satyadeep Neupane
(Kathmandu, Nepal)

Manmade climate change threatens the whole world. However, there are various measures that are being taken in order to save the world from the negative effects of climate change.

Tree plantation and the use of alternative sources of energy are some of the many measures that one can take to reduce the effects of climate change.

I am a student in Nepal and a few months ago I had organized a tree plantation campaign. This time I also devised an awareness campaign in addition to a tree plantation program.

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Title: Save Tree, Save Earth for Future
  • Campaign Duration: April 9-15, 2015
  • Country and Location(s) of campaign: Nepal, Two Districts named- Jhapa, Ilam.
  • Campaign Goals: Firstly, the campaign plans to enable people to become aware of the existence of manmade climate change and its effects. In addition, the campaign aims to plant at least 500 trees. Finally, it will get people to participate in educating their neighbors about climate change and how to reduce its long-term effects by planting trees.

Summary of Activities Covered in Campaign

Activity 1.1: Educate Local People About Climate Change

There will be an awareness campaign lasting 4 days which will raise people's awareness on climate change and its effects that can already be seen along with the great danger it posses in the future.

Pamphlets and brochures will be given during the visits of local people. Moreover, more elaborate evidence will be given to people who deny that the climate is changing or that the change is caused by mankind.

People will also be told about the various measures to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Activity 1.2: Visiting Schools to Inform Students About Climate Change

Additionally, there will be visits to schools that will last 2 days. Students will be provided with knowledge about climate change via small booklets.

In these small booklets, there will be many details about climate change and its effects on our community, country and the world.h4>Activity 1.3: Tree Plantation ProgramOn the last day, the tree plantation will be done in a selected location. Almost everyone will be invited to join this campaign.

Participants will vow to always do their best to mitigate climate change and will plant at least one tree provided by the campaign.

Activity 2.1: Establishment of Organization

An organization that will work to fight back against climate change will be formed.

The members of the organization will actively work to make people aware about climate change, its causes, effects and impacts that can be seen.

The members will also suggest the possible solutions that can be done from their level. The responsibility of conserving the planted trees will also be given to the organization.

Activity 3.1: Media Mobilization to Create Awareness on Climate Change

Various articles related to climate change and its causes, effects, impacts, latest data, solution methods, and present dangers will be published in newspapers and magazines in order to make people aware so that they could also participate to help solve climate change, mankind's greatest challenge.

Target Group

People and communities who are generally unaware about the climate change will be targeted.

Also, those people who deny anthropogenic climate change will be given enough examples and scientific evidence to make him/her sure that climate change is happening and is being caused by mankind.

For carrying out this campaign I need help and support from all. Anyone who wants to help or support me with my campaign should visit my Facebook Page.

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