Theory of Self-Sustainability of Nature

by Vivek Modi
(Mouila )

The expression "vasudhaiva kutumbakam” is the ancient Indian principle which means "the whole world is my family." As a family we live together and our lives are dependent on each other.

And the world includes not just humans, but each and everything that exists on the globe. It includes humans, animals, birds, insects, microbes, and trees.

No one can sustain alone. We all together are the inseparable part of the universe and we create the world. Our existence is dependent on each other. And we humans need to understand that any imbalance in the system of nature will cause us a big loss in the future.

Benefits of Nature

Trees and forests do not just give oxygen, purify air, help bring rain, give us fruits, flowers, vegetables, and medicine, sustain the soil from erosion, give beautiful appearance, shade and home to birds and many different species, but it is necessary to maintain the balance of nature and to keep your own self alive.

As a youth activist, a social entrepreneur and a student of science I understand the necessity to preserve forests and trees and work to make others understand the same.

It’s a sad thing that we are so self centered and greedy that even after seeing and experiencing the adverse effects on the environment like pollution, higher carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and climate change, we are not taking the necessary actions to change our ways.

Waste Management

Another big issue the globe is facing is waste management. The amount of solid and liquid waste produced by humans is increasing drastically each and every day and issue occurs with its disposal.

To dispose and treat large amounts of waste in a manner that should not harm the environment is one of the biggest challenges today.

I am doing research to bring solutions for both problems together by designing a waste management system in which the solid and liquid waste can be used to grow plants and trees and preserve forests.

How to Solve the Problem

As I mentioned earlier, all the systems in the universe are connected and together it becomes self-sustainable.

The food waste which is disposed by the households and the canteens should be treated for composting. When the organic waste is composted it transforms into the best quality of fertilizer.

That can be applied to the plants and trees and it gives the tremendous good results in a plant’s growth. We are working to develop the quality of the fertilizer generated by the waste to increase its capacity to fertilize plants.


The next step to utilize waste is to have irrigation from the waste water.

There are many potential benefits offered by the use of municipal waste water for irrigation purposes, including the safe and low-cost treatment and disposal of waste water; the conservation of water and recharge of groundwater reserves; and the use of nutrients in the waste water for productive purposes.

The irrigation of trees may provide additional benefits. In areas where water is relatively plentiful, crop or forestry irrigation may be adopted primarily for treatment and disposal purposes.

In arid and semi-arid zones, the issues of groundwater recharge and tree and crop production may be equally or more important. There are separate methods to treat the inorganic solid waste and toxic liquid waste.

My Research

My research is focused on increasing the efficiency of this system and makes it completely sustainable. There is no any concept of waste in our universe. The output from the one process is used as an input ingredient for another process and the cycle goes on. Based on this thought I am carrying out my research.

As a change maker I am not just involved in research, but I am also working to spread public awareness and involving youth to take care of our valuable forests and also the environment.

Eco Club of Gujarat Power Engineering and Research Institute

Under the Eco Club of Gujarat Power Engineering and Research Institute, we the team of youth leaders work to preserve trees.

Many campaigns are being run by us for this purpose like spreading awareness in public, knowledge to school students and to the rural part of India about forest preservation and necessity of planting more and more trees.

I have been working as a climate counselor at International Center for Culture and Education under which we are doing a number of activities to fight towards the issue of climate change, degradation of forests and this cause is supported by UN (United Nations).

I believe that “you have to be the change you want to see in the world” and if everybody changes just his/her own self the whole world will be changed to a more sustainable place to live in.

- Vivek Modi, Founder of Raise For Sustainability

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