The Second Largest Rainforest Bosawas, Nicaragua, Is in Danger

by Love Soldier
(Managua, Nicaragua)

A Lot of Trees Devastated

A Lot of Trees Devastated

In 1997 the government created the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, in the northeastern area of Nicaragua, Central America. The Bosawas is the second largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. However, there are many problems that need to be remedied.

Right now, there is massive deforestation. Moreover, native communities of Bosawas, the Mayangnas and Miskitus, were displaced due to invasion of their lands.

Since 1995, this reserve is really important for the country and for Latin America because it makes up 3% of the global diversity and on its lands there are many rivers that begin which becomes really important fresh water sources for the country.

Illegal Activities

Right now, this reserve is devastated by large companies, like ALBA Madera, and also by some deputes in the national assembly that are moving poor people from the Pacific Managua, to Bosawas.

Essentially, these deputes are selling land which is prohibited. It’s really sad because every day very large trucks take out precious wood to create furniture for export to Costa Rica and Panama.

Massive Deforestation

With the invasion of these lands, wild animals are dying, and rivers are drying up. It’s sad to see that nobody says anything to defend this reserve.

According to research from the German Corporation for International Cooperation, this reserve will disappear because every year 42,000 hectares of trees are cut up. In fact, they also estimate that by 2020, there will no longer be a biosphere reserve

Every day a lot of trucks take out hectares of trees, with permission of some authorities. Since 2013, we mailed out to Irina Bokova, president of UNESCO, Paris, a letter explaining the situation and also our intentions to defend our lands and nature, but we never got any response. We also tried to fight back locally, but corruption is too high.

A Call to Action

This article is to request help to tell humanity that we are losing a really important reserve and we need to take serious action regarding this situation.

The native communities are watching how their lands are devastated by powerful corporations and they are fighting each other. In addition, the army is killing many Miskitus leaders.

This story is tragic. Please come to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, and help us in our struggle against these corporations. Our lives are directly linked to the environment.

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