The Need For Change!

by Edlund Kent-Brown

My name is Edlund Kent-Brown. I am a budding youth environmental activist from Australia.

I have a sincere desire to help create change and an immense passion for a wide variety of global issues. These range from poverty, human trafficking, and child soldiers to name a few.

Climate Change as a Whole

I would like to focus on this communication on climate change which is a fundamental issue and one that is evident all around us.

It is continuously affecting and compromising the survival of every living human, animal, and organism on this planet. For these compelling reasons, I believe climate change should not only be at the top of every political figure's hit list.

In fact, I think it should be deeply ingrained in the minds of all citizens worldwide. That is because together our voices can outweigh the views of many skeptical leaders and opinion makers who often do not have the best interests of the people and environment at heart.

My Video

The video I have created directly correlates to my passion on the subject of climate change, a topic which deeply concerns me.

In my opinion, climate change is too often swept under the carpet or dismissed as fanciful fodder for activists. I have made this video to contribute to the global drive to elevate the subject into the forefront of public awareness.

Each one of us needs to do everything we can, no matter how small, to strengthen the movement towards widescale recognition of just how dangerous climate change is. Ever since I was a young boy, I have had a driving ambition to be a part of something I believed would have a significant positive impact on our planet and humanity.

Making a Stand

The youth of today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow. I believe my generation has a crucial role to play right now to ensure we have a worthwhile tomorrow.

We must not be hesitant to speak our minds and demand action and results from our leaders. We have a massive challenge ahead of us, and we must rise to this obligation.

To all the younger generations that face this problem alongside me I say to you, let us not be afraid, it is a monumental task that confronts us, but we have to be up to it because it is a question of survival.

Let us face this challenge with courage, perseverance and a sense of urgency. We are the change we have been waiting for in this era. We are at the pinnacle of civilization.

We must be the agents of change who guarantee a future for this planet and humanity. We see around us a faster growth in industrial development in the last 30 years than previous generations saw in their lifetimes.

We can no longer use the excuse of we “don’t know it is happening” or “we do not have the means to right the problem.” We know the problem, and we know the solutions, it is up to us, the younger generations, to make a stand.

We need to speak up and say, “Hey, we cannot go on like this, we have to change our ways, and we have to do so very soon, or we will be dealing with problems of catastrophic proportions in our lifetimes." We need to change the way we do things, and soon.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Together we can make a stand and do things differently. Together we can get a different result.

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