The Most Effective Way to Go Green Is Go Vegetarian

by Olga

Factory farming industry is one of the top three contributors to the global warming. It produces more damage every year than automobile industry.

At the same time, we as consumers, are being brainwashed to eat much more meat than we really have to.

Factory farming pollutes atmosphere and rivers, impacting the health of people who live around.

But not only them. It impacts health of every person who eats meat produces by factory farms.

Animals are raised is such crowded environment that they must get super doses of antibiotics. I bet you did not know that in the U.S. almost 50% of all antibiotics are administered to farm animals? These drugs stay as a toxic residue in animal tissue and get eaten by us.

I don't say everybody must go vegetarian. But we need to seriously reduce consumption of meat, especially factory farmed meat.

If two people, a regular family, reduce amount of meat they by half, the effect would be the same as one person gone vegetarian.

If the same family switches to organic meat only, it will support sustainable farming and not harmful factory farms.


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