The Art of Recycling

by Nguyen Ngoc Minh Thy
(Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Some Animation Upcycled Animal for a Short Film

Some Animation Upcycled Animal for a Short Film


My story of small helping to the environment is about my startup projects in cutting of waste, abandoned materials and designing into renewable things, short animation films shown in musical nights in our group meeting.

Our Summary of Major Findings

“The idea was coming up from my 3- year-old daughter when I played with her the Household game in every Sunday noon. We often use leaves and flowers to make food, and papers, cans to make household cookers.

The game soon caught my daughter attention, away from Ipad games and TV shows. She always wants to invite her friends to play the Household Game at my home.

One day, she made me inspired when she did for me Origami birds with old newspapers, put them in an old milk cans and told me :” I will be a teacher and tell papa stories from my birds.”

That night I couldn't sleep, thinking about classes that children have joyful in doing Recycling Art (Upcycling), places like Disney Land with reused and renewable architecture designs for greener community.

I was a web designer and startup companies are now new trends in Vietnam. So I team up with others designers, financiers and startups to make Maker community and the first Upcycling company in Vietnam. “ ( Told by Henry – Founder of Jizo Guardians)
The major findings of my startup are organized under the six specific objectives.

These include:
  • Awareness and Evidence of Climate Change and Variability in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Causes of Climate Change)
  • Recycling in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Climate Change and Recycling Resource
  • Ideas in Place to Curb the Problem of Climate Change
  • Conclusion

Awareness and Evidence of Climate Change and Variability in Ho Chi Minh City

Climate change is now happening all around the world. And Vietnam is one of the countries face the worst effects such as sea level rising, hotter seasons, flood and air pollution.

The study revealed that about 22.000 Vietnamese people will lost the houses and agriculture jobs because of sea level rising, hurricanes and droughts. Ho Chi Minh city is the biggest and busiest city in Vietnam with about 8 million populations, young labor force and fast urbanization.

The study revealed that farmers whether in cities or in rural areas are easily affected by climate change and variability and this account for the high level climate change awareness in the City since most of economy are involved in factoring and industrial production directly and indirectly.

The study also shown that it rain less in recent times than it did in the past while present day temperatures are also higher in the City than the past.

Causes of Climate Change in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Environment problems in the time of industrialization and urbanization in these years has come up with intensive competition in waste management investment in Vietnam.

According to the City Deputy Prime Minister, every day at the cities in over the country release about 33.000 -35.000 tons of trash, but the percent of trash collection is just 83%.

In the countryside, the wash is less, everyday releases about 28.000-30.000 tons but the collection percent is very low, about 40%.

There are about 458 landfills in over the country, just about 26.5% have reached environment standards. The other wastes wasted into rivers, seas that harm to many creature lives.

The majority of the respondents from Ho Chi Minh City use oil as their major source of moto vehicles, wood/paper as family burning fuel, chemical fertilizers in crops. Today we eat less food and more chemicals.

The hotter seasons are coming in Ho Chi Minh City. Bushfires, bad farming practices, urbanization and deforestation are the major human causes of climate change.

Startup Business Trend and Recycling in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

With support more and more from the experts, investment funds and communications, movement startup has created a powerful wave of young people, to start their business and sharing innovation ideas, passion.

“To be a Startup” in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City has been a huge waves of young dreams, particularly in Technology, App, Mobile Development.

But startup in Environment service, especially in niche Upcycling is still very new. Although in Ho Chi Minh City we have some businesses for children soft-skill practicing or agriculture startups but no one set foot print to links between teaching the Love of environment through the work of art and gardening.

The answer is just in the papers, the milk cans, the unused vegetable or food waste in the kitchen.

The percentage of reduce, recycle, and renew waste materials is still very low. The need for joyful, teaming. creative games and raising up communities of Upcycling is heating.

The ways of living green and how-to prevent climate change are many on the webs. So what is a circular economy with happy and green citizens?

Climate Change and Upcycling Resource

Recycling and less releasing variability does not only prevent from climate change and change in taste and preference but also has a great impact on social behavior.

On how recycling and less releasing food waste, plastic and chemicals waste prevent from climate change in Ho Chi Minh City, the call actions to use food waste to make compost and gardening, renewable papers, old clothes to the work of art and team games is the major attraction to follow up.

Pollution is cause of climate change so cutting off sources of pollution and raise the love of nature are the most important purpose of Upcycling program.

To prevent from chemical waste, plastic waste causes ground/ water pollution, gardening with compost; games like Household game, family garden, short film contest can be some supportive ideas to inspire people, to create maker community of living green.

The relationship between recycling and climate change solutions in Vietnam still unknown. But the way of inspiration environment love, be creative to use wastes and release less is necessary to citizen modern life.

Ideas in Place to Curb the Problem of Climate Change

At Jizo Guardians, several ideas, workshops, prototyping have been made to curb this problem of climate change in the city.

Some of the methods are: workshop food waste recycle and planting trees, educating the citizens on the effects of bushfires, bad farming practices, upcycle workshop and selling upcycle artwork, short films at the night events.

Also, the link between technology startup and we- environment startup is beginning raising up in order to bring about solutions that viral marketing, better solutions and controls, profit in business model.

However, there still be the majority of citizens had no idea of any solutions that has been put in place to solve this menace of climate change and variability in the city.


We take the challenge and chance of doing good to environment, preventing climate change and variability pollutions to human life by upcycling abandoned materials into renewable things ; family gardening with food waste and green hand -made fertilizer ; creating and sharing the maker community of DIY and Technology through creative workshops; short animation upcycling films and musical nights etc.

We are startups, beginners, entrepreneurs, very young and wild. We have not had exactly numbers and data to prove what we are doing is something related to climate change. But we have the strong belief: Doing small and durable inspiration to other ideas and next innovations that both make prolong profit, wealthy and beauty on Earth.
We are welcome to your comments and ideas to our startup project.

Yours sincerely.

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