Some Thoughts on Climate Change Denial

by Fred Kay
(North Vancouver BC Canada)

Thanks Laurent for the invitation to submit some further thoughts to your site.

The fight to restore our precious blue dot
to health and in particular to get our greenhouse gas emissions under control is the challenge which trumps all others in these troubled times.

In our entire history as a species we have never before faced a truly global threat to our existence. Even all out thermonuclear warfare pales in comparison to the worst-case scenarios that we now face and the mounting evidence
that they may well come to pass.

Might we get lucky once again and dodge the bullet? Will we be able to outwit capricious nature with our technological wizardry when the do-or-die moment is at hand? Will the geo-engineering boys ride to our rescue?

Regardless of where you might stand on technological salvation issues, the precautionary principle should be the order of the day.

Is this a chance we should really be gambling all our hopes on, especially given our track record?
Judging by the level of complacency, cognitive dissonance or whatever you choose to call it that is so prevalent in our daily lives, you've got to wonder if our survival instincts have not been fatally compromised this time around. Or at the very least our priorities badly out of sync with reality.

I just read an article in the paper the other day about the financial crisis in Italy and the extraordinary degree to which denial holds sway over the population. An analogy was made to the passengers on the Titanic who continued to dance as if nothing was amiss right up until the order was given to abandon ship.

And here we all are, passengers on our global Titanic, or to evoke an even more chilling analogy, passengers on the night train to Auschwitz, secure in our delusion that lady luck will intercede on our behalf if only we can suspend those nagging doubts a while longer.

There's always tomorrow, isn't there?

That moment we so desperately need, the Churchillian call to arms, is being cynically denied us by our political and corporate masters
in an act of such craven and self-serving cowardice that it staggers the imagination. We are expected to rally around the promise of
jobs and economic growth at the expense of our planetary life-support and not ask any embarrassing questions such as why any
of that would matter on a dying planet anyway.

Make no mistake we are being deliberately massaged into a state of somnambulance every day by the deniers for whom nothing is
sacred but power and profits. This should legally be considered a crime of genocide because that is precisely what it is. Those who
advocate and practise denial of the overwhelming scientific evidence of anthropogenic climate change already have blood on their hands
with millions, maybe billions to follow if we do not act to stop this travesty. If ever we are to moved to action, now is the time.

I ask anyone who reads this to seriously consider the possibility of contributing your support to making climate change denial the crime it deserves to be. And to make ecocide a crime as well.

Together we can ensure that the deniers can no longer hide in the shadows and continue to poison our collective well water with impunity. Support the movement for climate justice in your community while you still can.

Here's to our future, our children's future and all the generations to follow. It is only ours if we act to protect it.

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