Small changes add up

by BB Martin
(Southern California)


It's very interesting that some of the things that contribute to a healthier planet truly have a positive impact on one's personal health.

Using less toxic or non-toxic cleaning and personal products seems like a little thing, but I know that it really helps the drain water, which goes to the ocean and my health, because of less toxic fumes and stuff going on my skin - and I feel a lot better!

I've also switched my whole home to compact florescent light bulbs. I did it partly for the environmental benefit, but I'd heard that it would save me money on my electric bill (which was getting astronomical...) I kid you not, that reduced my bill by almost 30%!

One major way that we've gone green is that my husband and I both have our own online businesses so there is no need to drive to a place of work. Heck, that alone cuts carbon dioxide transmissions considerably!

We also eat organically or locally grown food whenever possible. And I am a researcher, writer and educator on the subject of improving health through understanding health basics, and that includes educating about how green living choices improve health.

Oh! And if you like to burn candles, soy candles "burn clean" and are becoming very popular.

BB Martin

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