Reduce Consumption of Cans

by Mary M
(Edmonton, AB)

Everyone knows that conscientious consumption can make huge strides as we focus on ways to stop global warming, but recent investigations into my daily Coca-Cola habit have led me to some astonishing conclusions about the role I play in global warming.

Every day, I drink a Coke. Sure, not the healthiest thing, but it’s been a part of my life for years, and now I’m seeing the ways that it makes a difference to the planet. Recently I took a look at the bottle. The Coca-Cola Company sources a lot of their products in some seriously unsustainable ways.

Let’s start at the source. When I go to the vending machine, it’s always on. It never powers down. Of course the company wants to make a sale whenever I’m ready to buy, but seriously, the machine is on at 3 am, waiting, chilling sucking down Watts like an out of control vampire. Multiplied a couple thousand times over for offices like mine, this puts a strain on the grid, which, if you work in the United States, the electricity is provided mostly from coal-fired power stations. Not cool.

Next, when I crack that cap open, how is that plastic bottle being sourced? I recycle, of course, but how much of my recycling actually makes it back to the recycling plant? Well, not as much as you’d think. Turns out that after taking delivery, only some of those bottles get turned into new Coke bottles. The others get landfilled, which is a tad dispiriting.

I think companies like Coca-Cola should be better corporate citizens - they certainly have the resources to be.

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