One Million Signatures by July 20 to Tax CO2

by Eva Vezzani
(Milan, Italy)

The crisis caused by the Coronavirus must be an opportunity to face the challenges of the future with even more responsibilities such as global warming.

For this, from an idea by Marco Cappato (former MEP, treasurer of the Luca Coscioni Association and founder of the movement of European citizens on sustainable development Eumans), and experts such as Alberto Majocchi (Emeritus Professor of Finance Science at the University of Pavia) and Monica Frassoni (co-President of the European Green Party) was born Stop Global Warming.

This is an initiative to collect signatures to ask the European Commission to elaborate a legislative proposal to stop global warming, moving taxes from work to carbon dioxide emissions.

Price on Carbon

According to the proposal, those who emit carbon dioxide in Europe would pay a price per tonne, and the proceeds would benefit workers, with a reduction in payroll taxes. An idea already supported by 27 Nobel Prize laureates and 5,227 scientists and considered the most effective tool to protect the environment and combat climate change without abandoning the market economy.

Marco Cappato, promoter of the initiative:
"We are facing a crossroads. The Coronavirus crisis threatens to wipe out the results in recent years against climate change, with devastating results for the planet. Alternatively, it is possible that the new awareness of our fragility makes us make the necessary choices right now that unprecedented public investment will be put in place. Now that the squares of "Fridays for future" cannot be physically summoned, the European Citizens' Initiative represents the only opportunity for democratic participation to push Europe to set an example on a global scale, relaunching the "Green deal" announced by the European Commission."

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