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Climate Facts and Solutions To Know 
The climate crisis is fast becoming the defining challenge of our time. And one of the most important weapons in our war on climate change is evidence …

Dying for Your Planet 
Have you ever thought about what you value so much that you'd be willing to die for? What immediately comes to my mind is that I would do anything to keep …

Climate Impacts Women Unjustly 
In much of the world, women continue to be engaged in their traditional roles as mothers and family caregivers. Climate change impacts women in many ways. …

Politicians Need to Break Free From Fossil Fuels 
It’s time to break free from fossil fuels! It’s not time to promote pipelines and expand tar sands production in an attempt to create short-term jobs. …

Global Warming on Speed 
Global warming is speeding up. The latest NASA data demonstrates that February 2016 was the first month ever that the global average temperature passed …

The Truth About Wind Power 
Today, cities, states, countries and companies around the world are increasingly turning to wind energy to power their everyday lives. As wind systems …

Have Canadian Politicians Forgotten About Our Paris Commitments? 
Are politicians in Canada suffering from "collective amnesia"? Have they forgotten Canada's pledge in Paris, you know the one about reducing our emissions …

The Two Climate Faces of Canada 
Canada has two climate faces. There's the Paris face where Canada became a re-born climate leader and then there's the domestic face where Trudeau's Liberals …

From Climate Change Laggard to Climate Change Leader in Seven Weeks 
How does a country go from climate change laggard to climate change leader in 7 weeks? I’m glad you asked. On October 19th, Canadians elected a new …

You Can't Be a Climate Leader and Support Pipelines and the Tar Sands 
Justin Trudeau campaigned on a platform of taking a science-based approach to dealing with climate change. He promised real action on climate. The recent …

Climate Change is a Threat to Human Health 
"In 2008, poor air quality alone, including from oil and gas production, cost Canada about $8-billion, according to a report by the Canadian Medical Association. …

Join Canada's New Climate Movement 
This post is drawn from an email message from Bill McKibben to friends and people concerned about the survival of future generations. Canada has been …

What Climate Science Denial Looks Like 
What is driving climate science denial and how do I respond to it? This question has prompted me to follow Denial101x - Making Sense of Climate Science …

Dragons of Inaction 
Dragons of Inaction The human brain is arguably the most complicated machine on Earth. It’s capable of amazing feats of creativity, emotion and insight. …

Florida Senator Censors "Climate Change" 
Florida has a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) with a fine reputation. In recent years, the Florida DEP has levied dams, elevated land masses …

The Whole Truth about the Collapse of Oil 
The common thinking about the recent oil crash is that there is a glut of oil on world markets - over-supply - causing prices to tumble. Combined with …

The Clean Energy Revolution is Underway 
The clean energy revolution is underway. From Germany to China and countries all around the globe, governments, cities, towns, public institutions, …

On the Cusp of the Third Industrial Revolution 
Jeremy Rifkin’s book, The Third Industrial Revolution, has provided the inspiration for this post. The premise of Rifkin’s book is that fundamental economic …

Climate is Back 
As I engage relentlessly in the fight to mobilize a complacent public and encourage reluctant politicians to focus on climate change action, I’ve come …

How Long Can the Tar Sands Last? 
The Death of the Tar Sands – When one looks at the history of the Tar Sands and the Harper Government’s energy strategy for Canada (focused almost entirely …

Natural Gas Lies 
Natural gas lies are part of a familiar pattern of disinformation propagated by the fossil fuel industry for decades. Television viewers are frequently …

Let's Put a Price on Carbon  
It’s Time to Put a Price on Carbon Nine of the ten hottest years on record were in the past twelve years. Carbon pollution also leads to Extreme Weather …

Obama Addressing the Threat of Climate Change 
The long-awaited second-term plan to combat climate change is now close at hand. In this video released on June 22, 2013, Obama conveys his vision …

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