New Technology Aims to Clean All Diesel Engines and Produce Oxygen

by Brian
(United States)

What if water could turn every diesel engine into one that's cleaner, more efficient, and capable of producing oxygen?

HNO Green Fuels aims to do just that with their product, the LeefH2.

According to their Indiegogo campaign page, this small device acts as a leaf by separating water into its two chemical components: hydrogen and oxygen.

The hydrogen is used to target harmful emissions in the combustion chamber that are usually emitted in the exhaust such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide-- all while increasing the longevity of the fuel. The oxygen from the LeefH2 is released into the atmosphere.

YouTube Videos

Check out their videos here:

LeefH2: Truck Becomes Tree - Part 1

LeefH2: Truck Becomes Tree - Part 2

How it Works

The LeefH2 has two units that are modular and can be designed to fit any diesel combustion engine without any significant changes to the vehicle.

The LVU is for smaller diesel engines, such as delivery trucks and postal vans, and the HVU is for bigger diesel engines, such as public transit buses and cargo ships.

HNO predicts that one HVU LeefH2 can produce, on average, 365 pounds of oxygen per year.

That's more than an average tree, which produces around 260 pounds of oxygen per year.


So far in EPA-approved labs, they have been able to reduce particulate matter by 50%, which is known to cause over 2.1 million deaths per year, as well lung cancer, aggravated asthma, and smog.

If implemented worldwide, our vehicles could have a much better impact on the environment and human health, and become mobile oxygen farms, creating fresh air wherever we go.

HNO is running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in order to raise money for the LeefH2 project. Contributors at the highest level will receive a working prototype of the LVU LeefH2 unit.

Learn more about the LeefH2 at their website,

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