Man vs Ice a Photo Documentary on the Effects of Climate Change on Arctic Wildlife

by Gottheshots
(London, Uk)

We're all familiar with the word "climate change", in fact, it has become a household topic in recent years with all of the media coverage. But do we truly understand the facts and figures and what is a actually going on in the Arctic?

The man vs ice project is a kick-start project that is currently in the funding stage. The aim of this project is to tour the arctic regions and documenting by way of a photo documentary what the effects of climate change are on the Arctic regions and on its wildlife.

The founder of the project photographer Darren Attersley said "the project is designed to turn the sometimes confusing facts of science into visual data for all to see. as a photographer, my job is to tell a story using images and I believe the story is one that needs to be told to the world, so to be able to truly document how climate change is affecting the Arctic wildlife in this photo documentary is a great way to bring about public awareness."

The project has just 30 days to raise 12,000 pounds, the money raised will be spent on things like equipment, airfares, accommodation, travel expenses across the Arctic and other such expenses to make the project work.

You can find out more about the project by visiting Kickstarter.

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