LNG Export Dream is a Nightmare

by Victoria Gibson
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

BC Path to Prosperity touted by Premier Christy Clark is an unrealistic dream that is not based on facts. Instead, it is a nightmare that will extract our non-renewable resources without adequate compensation.

The Harmful Effects

In addition, the industry will destroy our groundwater, increase the risk of earthquakes, and damage human health.

At a time when many leading institutions and organizations are divesting from any investment in oil and gas, Premiere Christy Clark is committing increasing amounts of taxpayer funds to supporting, or even, subsidizing the oil and gas industry.

My conclusion from reviewing the facts and published studies is that the export of LNG will cost the province more than it will ever receive in royalties.

In addition, groundwater contamination and methane leakage will continue from abandoned wells that will not be cleaned up by industry. Some of the damage may be permanent and no amount of money will be able to restore our pristine water.

Furthermore, increased risk of earthquakes, health problems in our population and contribution to climate change all are strong signals to stop fracking. We must put a moratorium on fracking until we know more about this risky process.

To see the rest of the article, please see my blog post to find out more about fracking in British Columbia, Canada.

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