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There are excellent Leonardo DiCaprio quotes on climate change and other environmental issues. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the world's most famous environmentalists.

Global warming is not only the number one environmental challenge we face today, but one of the most important issues facing all of humanity... We all have to do our part to raise awareness about global warming and the problems we as a people face in promoting a sustainable environmental future for our planet.

- Leonardo DiCaprio (Source)

We simply cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity. Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied, and even covered up the evidence of our changing climate. Enough is enough. You know better. The world knows better. History will place the blame for this devastation squarely at their feet.

- Leonardo DiCaprio (Source)

The scientific community has been screaming out loud. Ninety-nine per cent of the scientific community is in agreement that man is contributing to (climate change).

- Leonardo DiCaprio, 2016 (Source)

The argument is over. Anyone that doesn't believe that climate change is happening doesn't believe in science.

- Leonardo DiCaprio, 2016 (Source)

Climate change is real; it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.

- Leonardo DiCaprio, 2016 Oscar Speech (Source)

You are the last best hope of Earth. We ask you to protect it or we, and all living things we cherish, are history.

- Leonardo DiCaprio, from the documentary Before the Flood (2016) (Source)

I remember the anger that I felt, reading all these stories about explorers and settlers who would wipe out an entire species and, in the process, decimate the eco-system forever. The difference now is: We're knowingly doing this. It's just on a much larger scale.

- Leonardo DiCaprio, from the documentary Before the Flood (2016) (Source)

Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes

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