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by Christopher Lilholm

Kunlabora.com – a global initiative of 2013 to bring all stakeholders of sustainability, clean and green technology together in a widespread planet saving platform.

Officially Open to Public Use

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (12.02.2013) - Kunlabora.com happily announced today that it has official opened its website to public use.

Kunlabora will be the world's first truly dedicated crowd-based portal and cross-disciplinary virtual platform consisting of a directory of cleantech, greentech, sustainability, energy efficiency, waste management, eco living and all those great things that support a better planet and better place for us and future generations.

Kunlabora invites anyone with an interest in clean and green solutions such as suppliers, distributors, local vendors, buyers, bloggers, researchers, government authorities, regional institutions, global associations, including other major or minor websites featuring global or local initiatives that support our call for action to empower green initiatives and respect to our planet.

Finally, Kunlabora welcomes the general public to join the platform and thereby also support green and clean initiatives.


In additions to the categories carefully crafted to unite all stakeholders of clean and green solutions, Kunlabora also features the following features and functionality:

  • Powerful carpooling platform with custom-made search filters for both drivers and passengers to share a ride and cut down carbon emission, gasoline consumption and traffic congestion
  • User profile and Private Messenger systems that allows our users to interact directly on Kunlabora
  • Feedback system that allows our users that have joined Kunlabora to post questions and comments and thereby helping the posy owner to engage with his audience
  • Voting / Rating system that allows Kunlabora users to rate different listings
  • Youtube video integration that helps you to further promote your post with video content
  • Google Map of location that makes it possible to show your audience where you are located
  • Latest listings featured on front page thereby making it attractive to frequently return the site
  • Search results in technology sections can be divided by either buyer or vendors
  • Location specific postings will be available from the location bar on the first page
  • Mobile friendly version allowing users to easily view and post content on the go
  • Plus a lot more and expect us to continue to frequently update and improve the site

Visit Our Website

The site is currently free to use and we have no ambitions of changing that. We hope you will benefit from using it as well as to help us spread the word out to the larger community of those who care about our planet.

Project protégé: Christopher Lilholm, Manager and key facilitator
www.itbridge.eu / lilholm@itbridge.eu

Sign up today on www.kunlabora.com

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