Josh Fox's New Film THE TRUTH IS CHANGED Reveals How We Can Regain Our Country

by Danielle Holke
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

In his latest project, THE TRUTH HAS CHANGED, Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning filmmaker and climate change activist Josh Fox offers an eye-witness account of frontline history - from 9/11 to Trump - and a critical report on what we must do to save our democracy.

A filmed live solo performance in the spirit of Spalding Gray's SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA, THE TRUTH HAS CHANGED is a timely and intimate piece that traces his personal arc through nearly two decades of frontline reporting, from 9/11 to the Iraq War, to the frontlines of fracking, to the BP oil spill, to Hurricane Sandy, to The 2016 Democratic Convention, to Standing Rock and more.

The story reveals how we can regain our country, but only if we come together to reinvest in journalism, science, and in the very notion of truth itself.

THE TRUTH IS CHANGED is also a story about immigration. You might wonder how this relates to oil fighting and anti-fracking and the truth is immigration is one of the biggest topics we’re NOT talking about when it comes to climate change.

In fact, the United Nations estimates we are going to have 200 million to a billion climate refugees swarming around the planet to find new homes in the next two decades because of droughts, fires, basic destabilization, lack of food, extreme weather, floods, sea-level rise. People are going to be forced to move and they're going to be coming to places like America and Europe. Our false borders cannot hold. We must imagine a new way.

Josh is currently fundraising to bring free grassroots screenings of THE TRUTH HAS CHANGED to more than 100 cities across the USA in 2019 and 2020. He's going on the road to defeat Trump, organize for the climate, and support grassroots groups who fight for progressive values.

Will you join us? More details here.

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