It is Possible to Curb Climate Change?

by Dennis Stelmack

How I Helped Reduce My Carbon Footprint

Some of the unique things I have done to help erase my carbon footprint are to reduce, reuse, recycle, and free-cycle.

Many of the structures that I have built I have used more than 80% free-cycled materials. "One man's trash is another's treasure." Or in my case the furniture in my home, the art work which decorates it, or my dog house.

If everyone is always present and thinking about their part, then the little things all make a difference.

Other Ways to Help

There are many things one can do including using energy saving appliances, florescent bulbs in the house, turning out the lights, using water saving toilets, not running the water while brushing your teeth, walking, cycling, roller-blading, using public transportation, and carpooling if possible.

Moreover, composting, as well as planting trees and plants are another way to further reduce your carbon footprint. Truly, going green is great :)

Without a doubt, I know that cleaning up our act here is the way to go. Clearly, we must look at other energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and ocean wave energy.

Lack of Action

However, in hopes to minimize our carbon footprint; others just don't care. They will always think that the way we have been doing things for the last 100 years is working just fine, and a reluctant to change the status quo.

These, shall we say "hard heads", will always think of making money from oil and won't ever care about what happens out of the back end of industry or the very possible negative consequences on our environment.

Who will slow emissions in Asia, Africa, India, or wherever our products are outsourced to (cheaper manufacturing is definitely related to harming our environment!) ?

This is why I have recently thought outside-of-the-box and have come up with a pretty radical idea which will help curb climate change. The following is the description of the video I uploaded to YouTube Chicken Earth the Solution.

Chicken Earth the Solution

If you don't have the time to watch all 10 minutes, you will be wasting your time.

In this video I talk about using magnetic NICKEL COATED GRAPHITE (NCG/ nickel powder) to geo-engineer a sun screen in space, to control climate change.

The biggest advantage of this idea is that it is totally controllable and reversible where other ideas are not.

Nickel is not poisonous; you can safely drink from a cup made out of nickel. You find nickel in your pocket (in the form of coins) and nickel coated graphite is the material used in your cell phones, tablets, notebooks, computers and anything with touch screen capabilities.

Really I would love to use steel. Simple rusty old steel, found in the thousands of junk yards around the world; ground up into an ultra-fine powder.

Beneficial Effects

Why.... It would help to clean up our already polluted Earth. It has already been mined.

Also, the biggest reason I choose a magnetic material is because it makes my idea temporary (if need be) and totally reversible.

However after being told by NASA that even sand can be abrasive in space, I choose NCG because it would be less abrasive.

If you were to look at a cross-section of this material it is essentially hollow, meaning it would be a virtually feather light cloud in space.

My idea is not to geo-engineer at low altitudes as opposed to other proposed theories.

High in Atmosphere

I choose outer space; way beyond the Karman line.

There, it has no chance of falling back down to Earth; polluting our air, water, or land.

In addition, being out in almost zero gravity gives us the option of possible recollection and the additional safety barrier of atmosphere still giving us a "last chance safety net," meaning if it were to fall back to Earth it would burn up completely upon re-entry.

I know further, proper testing needs to be done in a vacuum, wind tunnel, to see how it reacts with our electromagnetic force field.

Just a Proposal

However, we should take it one step at a time. In sum, I just need a few people to see a possibility in my proposed idea.

Maybe, just maybe we can actually make a difference, or at least BUY MANKIND SOME TIME to clean up our act :)

In order to understand the concept you must watch all 10 min of the video. Sorry. Within the year you will be able to view a professorially done video, which will be much shorter. But for now, this will have to do:

Chicken Earth the Solution

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