Inspiring a More Sustainable Planet

by Nathan Devine
(Blue Mountains, Australia)

Nathan Devine - Founder of Retrash

Nathan Devine - Founder of Retrash

The world’s population is experiencing unprecedented growth, and, so too are the demands being placed on our environment – including accelerated use of natural resources, increased production and spreading urbanisation – resulting in more pollution and waste.

Too Much Garbage

Landfill sites globally are filling at a rate that we cannot sustain.

The problems associated with landfill are many, including toxic runoff into waterways and ground water, and methane emissions that are up to 23 times more dangerous that carbon dioxide.

The incineration of waste releases carbon dioxide and dioxins into the atmosphere, all of which play a vital role in climate change.

Reduce Consumption

In order to mitigate these issues, we need to reduce consumption and reuse and recycle waste. This is an area that I am passionate about, and I have dedicated my life to over the last three years.

While it is extremely important to be aware of the issues around climate change, it is also important not to dwell on them as it halts action by disempowering people. I want to promote the positive actions that people are taking to stop climate change, to inspire a more sustainable planet.


My project is called Retrash, which is a book with a simple goal – to inspire the world to rethink waste, and create positive social change in better spending habits.

The book is a result of a collaboration of over 80 creative thinkers and artists worldwide who are leading the recycling and upcycling movement.

This movement of people is more than just about reusing waste, it is a philosophy and a way of living that is sustainable and creates awareness around the impact we humans have on our environment.

A New Movement

21 countries are represented in the book, and each entry in the book features the story behind the creator, detailing why they do what they do, where they source their materials, and the ideas behind why they reuse waste.

I have been an avid recycler/upcycler myself since I was young, and I feel very honoured to be a part of such a positive and inspiring movement of people.

The book is complete and is being published in New York, although we do need help to raise funds for printing.

On November 11 we launched a campaign through a crowd funding platform called Kickstarter. You can take direct action by supporting the print of this book, as well as all of the people in the book who continue to reduce waste on a daily basis. You can donate as little as $1, or thousands.

Nathan Devine is based in the Blue Mountains, Australia and is the founder of – a website dedicated to inspiring a more sustainable planet. You can also follow Retrash on Facebook.

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