I Grew up in the Oil Patch

by Henry Thibault
(La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA )

Some friends and neighbors wonder why an old geezer like me devotes so much of my dwindling time and energy to supporting clean energy and urging others to join in.

My Old Neighbourhood

This photo of the neighborhood where I grew up from age 3 through 17 shows what comes of letting oil and chemical companies and railroads have their way.

In reality, it's typical of thousands of square miles of the AR-LA-OK-TX oil patch. It's so bad that the drinking water stinks of oil.

Also, it contains much salt and other dangerous chemicals, even more now since fracking and other well treatments have been in use.

In fact, I am probably alive today because I left over 56 years ago.

How to Help

However, we can ALL do something, even if we can't fix everything. Conservation can reduce demand for filthy poisonous energy and shift our sources to clean renewable energy.

Change the thermostat, walk instead of driving, and plan errands so you run several in one sequence and leave the car at home on some days. Moreover, get the kids to help make the plan.

In addition, tell your friends and theirs about man-made climate change.

In winter, wear heavier clothes indoors and add blankets. Insulate, stop leaks, use curtains, shower faster, use high-efficiency bulbs and more energy efficient appliances.

THINK when you buy a car, boat, or cabin. Finally, you can rent something instead of buying it. For instance, I RENT boats, vacation places, etc.; it's cheaper, offers more variety, eliminates maintenance and taxes.

Use your brains and imagination.

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