Human Impacts of Climate Change - Glacier/Water Link (DVD)

by Ethan Steinman
(Seattle, WA, USA)

Glacial Balance

Glacial Balance

We are temporarily offering a heavily discounted special edition 2-DVD set of my documentary film Glacial Balance ( for home and educational purchase.

“Piercing” - Bill McKibben
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Glacial Balance

Glacial Balance 2-DVD Special Edition

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The Human Side of Climate Change

Glacial Balance tells the story of how people across South America are dealing with climate change, and at the same time, scientists studying and educating us on the importance of glacial ice in the Andean tropics.

My goal with the film was to communicate difficult scientific concepts in understandable language and to spark dialogue about the human side of climate change.

My Inspiration

My motivation in making this film began as a means of grasping the importance of glaciers in my own life.

I was living in Mendoza, Argentina and after receiving several chain letters about a proposed mine in the Andes and its alleged effects on nearby glaciers, I became intrigued.

The country went through a process of enacting a glacier protection law, and during that same time I took off on an exploration to understand more about these natural water reserves.

Glacial Balance 2-DVD Special Edition

Lack of Awareness

The more I learned, I realized how little society is aware of the workings of the natural world and felt that through stories of human impact, an emotional connection can be made to climate change.

The film plants the stories and ideas of these individuals’ lives in the viewer’s mind, not just numbers and graphs, causing a human to human connection to the changing world around us.

Educating the Public

I am also once again available to travel with the film to hold on-campus screenings, Q&A’s and lectures on the glacier/water link to climate change.

As an add-on to these lectures, I am also conducting workshops for scientists. These workshops are geared to train scientists how to use available technology to capture useful footage while in the field, enabling them to effectively communicate their research to the general public.

If there are any questions or interest in any of the above-mentioned material, please feel free to email me at

All the best,
Ethan Steinman

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Glacial Balance 2-DVD Special Edition

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