How Much Carbon Will Be in the Atmosphere Be When Greenland and the Antarctic Melt?

by Daniel Ferra
(Palm Springs, California, USA)

Aerial View of Greenland

Aerial View of Greenland

In December 2015, world leaders are to meet in Paris to discuss global warming.

More specifically, they will discuss the amount of greenhouse gases we our emitting and their plan of action.

Too Much Carbon Dioxide

A greenhouse gas is any gaseous compound in the atmosphere that is capable of absorbing infrared radiation, thereby trapping and holding heat in the atmosphere. By increasing the heat in the atmosphere, greenhouse gases are responsible for the greenhouse effect, which ultimately leads to global warming.
- Live Science

Globally, we are emitting 40 to 50 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year. In 2014, the United States emitted 6.8 billion ton of carbon dioxide.

In the 1850s to 1870s, concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere was between 260 to 280 parts per million.

However, in the 1980s, there was 350 ppm of Carbon. In 2015, it increased to 404 ppm.

Feeling the Effects

Currently, the Pacific Ocean is to 6 degrees warmer than normal and the jet stream is acting like a balloon that is losing air.

Also, the Arctic ice and snow may be gone at the end of this summer which will be a huge natural cooler for the Northern Hemisphere.

The meeting in Paris should be about closing the fossil fuel faucet.

Is There a Carbon Budget?

The message is already clear, that if the world does want to strive to limit warming to 1.5C or less, we don't have very much of the carbon budget left.
- Professor Chris Field

Professor Chris Field is bullshitting the planet. On whether 1.5C is still feasible. There is no carbon budget anymore and 5C is baked in according to both Shell petroleum and the International Energy Authority.
- Kevin Hester

Chris Field is the founding director of the Carnegie Institution's department of global ecology and professor for interdisciplinary environmental studies at Stanford University. He is the co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) working group two (WGII) and US nominee for the chair of the IPCC. With people like this driving the IPCC you can see why we are all done for.
- Kevin Hester.

We Need to Act Now

There is no carbon budget. What will the temperature be at 415 ppm?

Ice sheets contain enormous quantities of frozen water. If the Greenland Ice Sheet melted, scientists estimate that sea level would rise about 6 meters (20 feet). If the Antarctic Ice Sheet melted, sea level would rise by about 60 meters (200 feet).
- National Snow and Ice Data Center.

When will Sea Level Rise to 220 to 300 feet? 2020? 2025?

What will be the ppm of carbon dioxide when this happens?

As of now, they are talking about capping greenhouse gases at 450 ppm. What will the temperature be at 450 ppm?

We Must Transition to 100% Renewable Energy

Implement a California Residential and Commercial Feed in Tariff.

California residential feed in tariff would allow homeowners to sell their renewable energy to the utility, protecting our communities from, global warming, poison water, grid failures, natural disasters, toxic natural gas and oil fracking.

There are currently 3 cities in California using a commercial Feed-in Tariff: Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and Sacramento. Moreover, these utilities are paying their businesses 17 cents per kilowatt hour for the renewable energy they generate.

Sign and share this petition for a California Residential Feed in Tariff.

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