Help Us Get a CityTree in Seattle to Fight the Climate Crisis!

by Levy Menn
(Seattle, WA USA)

Dear all,

My name is Levy, and I am a part of a small group communication course at the University of Washington. Our small group is an environment-based group and we, as I’m sure many of you are, are concerned about the climate crisis. What started as a school assignment turned into our passion project. That’s why our goal is to help Seattle be a pioneer in the fight against climate change.

The city of Seattle's population is growing at an exceptional rate. According to macrotrends “The current population of Seattle in 2020 is 3,433,000, a 0.79% increase from 2019.” More people means more cars, more cars means more traffic, and more traffic means more pollution.

According to The International Panel on Climate Change,

“Without increased and urgent mitigation ambition in the coming years, leading to a sharp decline in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, global warming will surpass 1.5°C in the following decades, leading to irreversible loss of the most fragile ecosystems, and crisis after crisis for the most vulnerable people and societies.”


The city of Seattle has many plans to help mitigate climate change, and we hope to be able to help Seattle be a pioneer in all things related to the environment. That’s why we think Seattle should invest in CityTree.

What is CityTree? CityTree is a new air-purifying technology built by Green City Solutions that works by absorbing approximately the same amount of pollution as 275 trees or 240 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. The CityTree is a vertical moss garden, about 13 feet high, built above a double-sided bench.

The cost of one CityTree is around $27,000, but has been proven affordable by many cities, including Berlin, Oslo, Paris, Hong Kong, and the list goes on. The CityTree also has enough space on the structure for ad space, so it can help pay for itself.

We need your help to accomplish our goal! Please sign and share our petition.

Thank you,

Link to sign and share our petition


Green City Solutions
Macro Trends

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