Green Your Choice, Green Your Lifestyle

by Jayson Villagomez
(Cavite, Philippines)

Green Your Choice, Green Your Lifestyle is my advocacy to encourage people to make informed decisions and better lifestyle choices. I believe that everyone can help the environment and be a steward of nature even in simple ways.

We make thousands of decisions every day. It is either good or bad. Why don’t we choose the good ones? I believe the excellent choices will surely help the environment and the bad ones will degrade the environment and worsen effects of global warming.

For instance, proper disposal of garbage will have a positive impact. We know that if the waste is disposed of improperly, it will get into sewage systems thereby increasing the likelihood flooding.

Have you considered putting up a small garden or planting your veggies? It is fun and can save you much money. It can also be a bonding activity with your kids and friends.

Another example is the use of a bike to work if near or do carpooling. The more people join, the better and the more we avoid producing greenhouse gases.

Why don’t you challenge yourself sometimes to do 5-minute shower challenge or lessen how long you take a shower? Reducing water use can surely help the environment.

Moreover, there are so many ways to help the environment. You just have to be creative sometimes and find your ideas, creating your version green lifestyle.

What Green Your Choice, Green Your Lifestyle promotes is that you can create your version of a green lifestyle. It does not have to be complicated, and you do not have to join an environmental group. You just have to go for better lifestyle choices in your life and encourage everyone to do so.

If we choose these choices, we can secure a sustainable future and protect the environment.

Hopefully today, we start making better lifestyle choices because our choices and lifestyle can make the difference.

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