Green Soil

by Keerthi Raj B S
(Pune, India)

Everyone thinks they result in very little waste. But all combined, it becomes almost 1,700 tonnes every day in the city of Pune alone. This needs a sustainable solution. Most of the waste generated in Pune, the second largest city in Maharashtra, India, either end up in landfills or is often improperly disposed of.

But a family residing at the heart of the city came up with an innovative solution to productively use this waste. As Mr. Sunil Bhide says, “A small family of four produces about 2 Kg of waste every day, and this need not necessarily be wasted!”

Though a chartered accountant by profession, gardening is Mr. Bhide’s passion. And for the last 25 years, he is experimenting with plants.

He started growing plants on decomposed plant litter, eventually developing a light soil which any terrace can bear. Green Soil is also a story that has inspired and moved more than 300 other households in the city to act.

Talking about this film, it was one of the 18 finalists at the 5th G2 Green Earth Film Festival (2017) among 1,677 entries from around the globe. The film was also a Bronze Beaver Award winner at the 8th National Science Film Festival of India (2018) and was also chosen as the third best film at the 4th India International Science Festival (2018).

Today the film is the final stage of the competition at the Global Youth Video Competition 2018 on Climate Change. Each view earns the film a vote! Please take your 3 minutes to watch it, and maybe a minute to share with your friends!

Thank you so much!

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