Green Energy Tip #1: Choose Your Utility Supply Provider

by Scott LeDuc
(Boston, MA, USA)

Green Earth

Green Earth

Green Energy Ideas For The Homeowner: Choose Your Utility Supply Provider!

Reducing your carbon footprint, lowering utility costs at home and saving the environment is what the green minded homeowner tries to accomplish when greening their home.

Now, more than ever, alternative energy options and eco-friendly technology are available to the average homeowner for use.

Where to Begin?

To know which way to travel to reduce our carbon footprint, we must know where we are starting. An excellent place to begin is at the source, your utility bill.

Your utility bill will tell you exactly where you stand in the world of energy consumption. Some utility providers will even send you charts showing where you stand in relation to your neighbors.

It is pretty interesting to see how much energy your home uses in relation to the homes around you that are similar. It can be an eye opening moment.

Most, if not all homeowners can find something in their home they can change in order to reduce their consumption, whether it be changing out some low efficiency light bulbs, or installing a digital, programmable thermostat to help control heating and cooling costs.

Utility Bill Supply Charge

When looking at your utility bill, typically it is split into two portions, the delivery charge and the supply charge.

The delivery charge is typically the amount of energy that your home actually uses and that is delivered to you from the utility company. This charge can be controlled by adding energy efficient option in your home to reduce usage.

The supply charge is where the utility company gets your power from. This is a charge that up until now we as homeowners had no control over.

The cost was determined by someone else, and where that power came from was typically "dirty" fossil fuels.

Energy Deregulation Age and Choosing the Utility Supply Provider

With the age of energy deregulation, homeowners now have the ability to choose where their power comes from, no longer are we locked in with no control. We can now let our utility companies know
  • Where we want them to get our power from
  • What type of power that is (Solar, Wind, Geothermal)
We can now help the environment by choosing where the power that we use is being created, whether it is solar, wind, etc.

This one choice can have a dramatic impact on the environment, and to reduce the cost of the utility side of our bill which we can now control.

Essentially, your home can be powered by green energy at a reduced cost. Without changing one thing in your home you have reduced your carbon footprint, helped the environment and put money your pocket. The biggest win-win around!

Patience is a Virtue

This option is so new and cutting edge that it is not available everywhere yet.

The best course of action is to call your utility provider and see what options you do have. Rest assured that option will be there sooner than later, and it will be a major contributor in the fight to save the planet.

Stay tuned for more efficient home tips!

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