Going Green by Walking

by Leena


I have started to combine "being green" and exercising - namely I walk whenever I can, and have done so for many years already. I live in Finland, where we have very good pedestrian ways, and so walking is easy. So if it is just a case of moving from one place to another, without carrying anything heavy, and the distance is reasonable (under 5 km or 3 miles), I walk.

I walk to and from work as I am lucky to live at a 20 minutes walking distance from my workplace. After this little exercise I feel a lot sharper than if I just got out of my car and climbed the stairs to the office.

In addition, I walk from home to the center of the city which takes about 40 minutes.

A small thing, but beneficial to the environment and me too. Walking keeps me fit, gives oxygen to my body and has become my "own time" when I think about important things.

I really recommend walking to everyone - after a while I became totally addicted to it.

Leena :)

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