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GAZASIA is committed to improving air quality in inner city environments across the world, and although this is only a small change to the overall global air pollution issues that the planet faces, we are striving to lead the way towards a cleaner environment worldwide.

Reducing Carbon Dioxide

Gazasia is reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions being released into the atmosphere from road transport sources, by providing sustainable, green transport solutions, which utilise waste from landfills that would otherwise be left to pollute the environment.

Gazasia was established with the specific aim of rolling out its technology in South East Asia. Air quality in many of the region’s densely populated cities is so severely affected by fossil fuel emissions, that the provision of an economic supply of carbon neutral clean vehicle fuel is critical.

Cost Benefits to Users

Gazasia has streamlined its process and methodology to ensure that the conversion of raw biogas to a carbon neutral and sustainable road fuel will deliver significant cost benefits to users while achieving lower carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Biomethane produced from the decomposition of organic waste through anaerobic activity has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of any biofuel resulting in a net saving of greenhouse gas emissions.

The by-product of combustion is simply carbon dioxide and water vapour, but it is important that the carbon dioxide is “today’s carbon”, and not the carbon that results from the oxidisation of sequestrated fossil (which adds to the biosphere carbon loading, thereby leading to global warming.

The carbon dioxide produced is safely captured and recycled, and will meet demand from a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

Environmentally Friendly

Liquefied and used as a vehicle fuel, the process creates an environmentally closed loop – waste products create biogas, which is in turn captured and treated to produce biomethane. Using biomethane will help governments meet both GHG and air quality objectives, thereby alleviating major health (and therefore political) issues throughout much of South East Asia.

Gazasia also fully supports organisations which are committed to plant and tree conservation. Plants and trees are hugely important in the battle against global warming! During photosynthesis, trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. A single tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime!

Gazasia also believes that educating the next generation about climate change and its effect on our beautiful planet is vital for survival.

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