For the Sake of Our Future, Harry Braun Deserves a Platform

by Taya M
(California, United States)

Harry Braun

Harry Braun


I have recently been disheartened by our countries upcoming presidential elections because none of the televised candidates mention anything about the current 6th mass extinction we are going through.

That's when I started digging around and realized there are SO many other presidential candidates in the running, not just the ones (endorsed) on TV. This digging around led me to discover Mr. Harry Braun who is running as an independent.

Not Enough Media Coverage

I read as much on him as I possibly could and lo and behold, I found the only candidate that wants to put our environment at the VERY forefront. After digging around more, I realized absolutely NO ONE was talking about him.

In these times where news about climate change is on every channel and page front, I find it hard to believe there is no coverage on him. I felt helpless so I did the only thing I knew how to do, I wrote him an email and was pleasantly surprised to get a response.

Among the many questions I had for him including animal extinction, climate change, gun stance etc., I pressed him on the matter of why we aren't hearing more from him, his response was:

I absolutely do not believe there should be any money involved in political elections, and I will do my best to convince the majority to make money (i.e., bribery) in political elections illegal. Most of the money is spent on buying expensive television ads, which is why I also advocate returning the public airways that are now controlled by private corporations to the American people, so citizens will be able to listen to political debates and discussions without having to listen to an endless number of commercials for products that most people have absolutely no interest in purchasing.

On his 58 page presidential doctrine, he states,
Wind machines have been in use for over a thousand years, and they have been used to make hydrogen from water since the 1860s. The wind turbines now made worldwide are rated from one to five megawatts, and because they now generate the least-expensive electricity, they will also generate the least-expensive electrolytic hydrogen. Wind machines are very similar to automobiles from a manufacturing perspective, and about 17 million vehicles are made for the U.S. market each year, compared to the 60 million vehicles now sold annually worldwide. Once the mass-production tooling is in place, the 17 million wind turbines that would replace all fossil and nuclear fuels worldwide could be on-line in less than five years, during which time all of the existing vehicles and power plants and gas appliances can be modified to use both hydrogen as well as hydrocarbon fuels interchangeably. Moreover, the cost of the 2.7 million wind powered hydrogen production systems would be less than half of the over $10 trillion that was spend by U.S. taxpayers to finance oil wars and related tanker protection services, and unlike oil, wind hydrogen systems are non-toxic and completely renewable. Hydrogen is not just a “universal fuel” that can power all of the existing automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft and power plants, but it is also a primary industrial chemical feedstock that is needed to make a wide-range of products, including, plastics, fertilizers, semiconductors, paint, soap and gasoline. Virtually all of the hydrogen now used in industry comes from natural gas, which is another non-renewable and rapidly diminishing fossil fuel.

To me, reading this is something worth talking about.

Environmental Scientist for President

As an American citizen who desperately cares about the future of our planet and the current poisoning that is taking place, for the sake of my child, I am hoping he is given a chance to tell his story.

I believe if Harry Braun was to win this election, it would change our planet in the best ways possible, from stopping fossil fuel corporations running our government, to halting climate change in it's very tracks, to stopping the plastics and toxins polluting our planet, to ending wildlife trafficking and animal extinction. The list is endless.

We’ve certainly had our share of lawyers in the white house as well as oil businessmen and consequently, the environmental outcome has been severe. Isn’t it high time we give an environmental scientist a try?

Thank you so much for your time.


Taya M.

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