Envirolization - Part 1

by Alekz Londos
(Santa Cruz, California )

This image is from an a trash cleanup Drew Glover (from the Santa Cruz City Council) and I organized at Natural Bridges State Park a few years ago.

This image is from an a trash cleanup Drew Glover (from the Santa Cruz City Council) and I organized at Natural Bridges State Park a few years ago.

People always criticize me or ask what have I personally done for the environment!? Here is a partial list. No, I am not perfect but I try my best.... feel free to question me on anything I listed.

I started learning about and studying sustainability on my own back in 2003. I now consider myself extremely environmentally educated.

I chose not to have children about 14-16 years ago because of my knowledge of environmental degradation and global warming.

I haven't owned or driven a car for over 5 years.

I have eaten as much organic or biodynamic food as often as possible over the last 6 or 7 years. A few years, in the beginning, I was close to 100% organic food consumption.

I recently lived in an off-grid cargo shipping container tiny home for 2 years that was powered 95% solar and 60% rainwater catchment.

I have worn only two outfits over the last year not including socks; 6 months for one, 6 months for the other!! This was an enviro test project that I am now done with.

I have not worn boxers for the last 9-10 years, maybe longer.

I generally shower twice a week unless otherwise necessary.

I donate a large portion of my monthly income to environmental nonprofits. I mainly support Community Carbon Trees Costa Rica.

Over the last 4 years, I have only personally turned on the AC when I was in Iraq.

I have organized multiple trash cleanups in my community. The largest was a few years ago when I recruited 30 volunteers and together we removed 1000 car tires from a creek ravine in the Redwood forest.

I generally walk everywhere... sometimes I bike or carpool. When I travel, I generally take the train or a bus. When I buy my tickets I always donate to offset my carbon upon checkout.

Over the last 8 years, I have never flown anywhere that wasn't for a humanitarian mission or environmental project... except for Vegas once =(

When I do fly I donate to nonprofits to offset the carbon impact of the flight as most airlines offer this service.

I took several Cabrillo College courses in environmental science. This helps keep the classes funded and on the college class schedule.

I spent 8 years writing a book about environmental science, pollution and climate change. I released the book approximately 4 years ago.

I usually always asked to receive my water without ice when at restaurants because it takes energy and resources to create ice. Every time I do this around my family or friends it helps set a good example.

I have spoken in front of 27 middle schools, elementary schools, colleges or group classes. I usually talk about environmental issues, climate change, and disasters in every speech.

I have also been on the radio, podcast, the news and in the newspaper covering these topics.

I constantly have meetings with government officials, politicians, owners of companies and nonprofit about environmental issues.

I vote with my money the best I can every day based on where I shop, eat and spend my time.

I haven't had an active cell phone for over a year!! Wow!

I consciously avoid palm oil, synthetic sugar, fake honey from China and artificial ingredients. I also try to avoid processed foods although it is difficult in the world we live in.

I am 38 and have only used a plastic razor shave my face several times in my entire life! I use rechargeable shaver.

I go to my way to recycle, help others learn to recycle and promote recycling.

I don't litter, and I pick up trash everywhere I walk, places I go or adventure.

I sometimes carry my own trash in my pockets or backpack for hours until I am near a trashcan. When out camping in the wilderness I carry my trash for weeks.

I have taken several college courses in farming and horticulture. I have been able to give lots of people horticulture advice and tips.

Yes, of course, I try to eat a plant-based diet as often as possible but I'm not going to let the meat get wasted at a friends or families house. I will always prioritize eating edible leftovers before fresh food.

I have not only been to the city dump up the coast from Santa Cruz, the one in Watsonville and Ben Lomond transfer station, I have also been to The Sims recycling facility in San Jose and Grey Bears in Capitola. All of these places allow the general public to separate everything recyclable into categories and subcategories!

From 2011-2016 I grew a lot of my own heirloom organic vegetables, composted, had to do worm bin, had a hydroponics system, aquaponics system, chickens for eggs, raised rabbits for meat and fertilizer. I only killed and ate two of them. Did you know rabbits are the most sustainable meat source on Earth?

I have invested thousands of dollars in heirloom organic seeds. If anyone would like some seeds just let me know.

I have been carrying and promoting reusable water containers for 10 years.

I have had my reusable coffee cup, straw, napkin and spork with me over the last few years. Unfortunately, someone just stole my straw =/

I try to eat all of my food especially in a restaurant that uses plastic to go containers! In knowing this I take the size of my order into consideration.

I generally camp in the woods or wilderness several months out of a year.

I've been using rechargeable double AA batteries over the last 8 years. I have charged them on my portable solar panels approximately 1/3 of the time.

When I shop for medications, pharmaceuticals or tinctures I usually shop at health food stores such as Whole Foods or New Leaf.

I buy food from health food stores, farmers markets or in bulk from Costco. I feel that I usually eat at the salad bar or hot bar at health food stores the most.

I am very cautious while shopping because companies are using excessive plastic methods to sell you their product. I will NOT buy a bag of chips, a seaweed snack, a bag of trail mix only half full or single cookie in a huge plastic container. This is drastically contributing to our global pollution crisis and that I will not be a part of.

No, I do not wear deodorant and probably haven't for at least 4-6 years.

I have been using Bronner's soap over the last 7 years supplemented with bar soap. I am working on switching to only bar soap.

I bought poison stickers online and went into Home Depot placing them on multiple bottles of Roundup.

I do a lot of research before I buy something to make sure it is of high quality, will perform its function and won’t break and end up in a landfill.

I completely stopped buying or owning white clothes 6 years ago to avoid using bleach.

I went to the Facebook Headquarters in California for Laurent because his Climate Change Guide Facebook page was hacked.

If I am going to cross a road at a sidewalk point of intersection, I will usually stand back or delay approaching so traffic continues their velocity. I usually wait until there is a break in traffic before approached the crosswalk because when cars stop or slow down they lose their momentum and it then takes additional fossil fuels to get back to the previous speed.

I'm very, very good about not wasting food!!!! I have only wasted food a few times in the last 7 years and felt horrible about it.... even when I do it gets composted or fed to chickens.

I usually plan out my day, where I am traveling and the errands I run to be as efficient as possible.

Whenever I eat canned food I just eat it out of the can. I don’t need to dirty a bowl or use energy to heat it…. my friends always questioned me for this.

When I have bought appliances in the past I assure they are of good Energy Star rating.

I convinced TWO of my friends to buy Priuses! Yay for Francesco and Eleyah! They have each had them for 4 years now =)

Right now I am actually in a Prius carpooling heading to get lunch at Aqui, an organic Mexican Restaurant.

I constantly help homeless people and others less fortunate than myself. This helps close the gap between the rich and the poor as well as encourages our global transition toward a caring society.

When I send FedEx where UPS packages I always click the option to offset the carbon upon check out.

Before I throw something away make sure that I cannot sell it, donate it or give it to someone needs it more.

I vote democratic or green party and will again vote for Bernie Sanders!!

I have stood in line overnight at two Bernie Sanders Rallies just to be right there in front of him showing my support!

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Envirolization - Part 2

by Alekz Londos
(Santa Cruz, California)

I was doing disaster relief work and providing humanitarian aid in the Florida Keys two days after Hurricane Irma

I was doing disaster relief work and providing humanitarian aid in the Florida Keys two days after Hurricane Irma

I buy toms toothpaste, Toms mouth rinse and have for the last 4 or 5 years. I now buy soft bristle toothbrushes because I found they last so much longer than medium.

When I am not hang-drying my clothes, I try to use dryer balls or tennis balls placed in the dryer to shorten the time it takes to dry them.

I try not to pollute my mind with media or material that is not going to benefit my future. I often spend my time watching educational environmental documentaries on Netflix and Youtube!

I don't waste water and install low-flow water fixtures where I live! I constantly report the water leaks to the county.

I don't waste electricity and even turn lights off in public bathrooms.

It is summer, I could be on a cheap cruise right now! However, I choose not to because they are not ecological.

I try not to eat at corporate restaurants such as McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, etc. I do support Chipolte because they use whole foods, semi-organic ingredients and have clean stainless steel kitchens. They don’t use Teflon or aluminum pans. They also separate their trash into multiple categories.

I am a minimalist, every single thing I now own would fit in a five square foot area!

I took a multi-hour training course to be a Save Our Shores beach cleanup steward.

I go out of my way to buy FSC products such as paper, notepads, pencils, toilet paper or lumber.

When I lived in a huge house in Boulder Creek over a five-year period I never once used a trash bag. They are so pointless..... it is just as easy to put your trash into the kitchen trash can, take it outside and dump in the main trash can. I think trash bags are a scam and just another way to keep people seemingly dependent on buying plastic.

I have made, sold and given away hundreds of clones and cuttings of grapes, figs, nopal cactus, and goji berries.

I support and promote the local bike shop Pacific Avenue Cycles. I have even bought and given away store credits to people!

I often go to the flea market or farmers markets every week.

Like many people, I loved to skydive, motocross, and four-wheel driving when I was younger but it is not eco-friendly so haven't done it since. I also drastically cut back on watching movies in the theaters and other past times that are not eco-friendly like beach bonfires =(

I support local businesses when I can and buy local. I also try to buy fruits and vegetables only in season!

I try to avoid synthetic fabrics derived from fossil fuels; Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Spandex, Acetate, etc.

I always warn people about those soft popular microfiber blankets! I advise them to get a microfilter for their washing machine.

Whenever I am desperately thirsty to buy a store beverage I prioritize aluminum, paper, and glass before plastic containers unless it's organic and the best option.

I am knowledgeable of phantom loads of electricity and unplug those little black boxes when not in use.

I invented a water-free urinal 10 years ago that everyone laughed at, five years later they went mainstream.

I inspired my stepdad to begin his current company which is collecting large volumes of organic waste from restaurants and feeding them to earthworms. He now sells organic worm castings professionally.

I inspired one of my carless friends to start eating organically and also know the importance of recycling.

I don't use chemical cleaning products, duh.

I have been buying organic sunscreen for at least the last five years. I've been doing this long before the widespread knowledge of sunscreen's impact on sea life.

I've downsized sold most of what I owned and spent the money on humanitarian missions or projects to raise awareness of climate change.

I sometimes eat fruits from fruit trees while walking down the street rather than buying them in stores. This reduces the emissions from transporting the fruit.

I usually stay on the trails while hiking to avoid walking on or killing plants and insects. This helps to minimize ecological disruptions.

I never purposely kill bugs; mosquitos are the only exception.

I walk up to people and ask them not to sit in their vehicle while it idles. Santa Cruz County has a 90-second enforceable law No. 2015-05. I have told 5 people about this within the last week.

An hour ago I almost got into a major conflict by educating someone about No. 2015-05 and almost got beat up =/

I have co-organized two March Against Monsanto protests downtown in Santa Cruz, California.

I was one of the 13 people who spoke at the podium during the Pajaro Valley School District council meeting right before they unanimously agreed to ban Roundup in 34 schools!

I talk to almost every business I visit about how to reduce their carbon footprint or dependency on single-use plastic. Yes, I am that annoying guy.

I am an active member of the Extinction Rebellion.

I have attended and participated at a dozen environmental or climate change group meetings at the Rio Theater, the Grange, Resource Center for Nonviolent, UCSC and the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

I always promote vegetarianism and veganism. I compliment and praise vegetarians and vegans every chance I get!! Several of my x-girlfriends were vegans. I am honestly proud of their commitment and dedication. They are doing what I cannot at this time.

I have stood at the clock tower downtown for over 5 hours holding a Climate Change Emergency sign, by myself.

I have done dozens of environmental video projects and interviews, two of my Public Service Announcements PSA are still airing on TV.

I have paid Facebook $2800 to boost out environmental content people around the world including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, the Philippines, etc.

I have uncovered and reported 2 Hazmat cover-ups.

I have reported vehicles that were polluting thick smoke did not pass smog and were clearly not exempted because of the age of the vehicles.

I compost organic matter every chance I have.

I always tell people in their car and on bicycles when their tires are low. Vehicles are more fuel efficient when the tires are inflated to the correct pressure.

I have purchased and distributed 2600 red/white stickers that said GLOBAL WARMING to help with educating the general public and initiating conversations.

I have now been to Earth Day three separate times! =D

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Envirolization - Part 3

by Alekz Londos
(Santa Cruz, California)

I am now a Save Our Shores beach cleanup sanctuary steward. This is from another beach cleanup that I also participated in and helped!

I am now a Save Our Shores beach cleanup sanctuary steward. This is from another beach cleanup that I also participated in and helped!

I haven't had a refrigerator for 3 years. I generally buy non-perishable items.

When I order a drink I ask for it without a straw, without ice, and in a paper cup if they are planning on giving it to me in plastic… sometimes I forget.

I try to eat as many vegetables, nuts, and grains as possible. If there are a lot of options, I will always choose chicken over beef because they are raised on less land with less water and food resources to grow.

I don't buy laundry soap in plastic containers. I usually use powdered soap, baking soda or Bronner's Soap that I refill at Staff of Life or the Food Bin.

I don't buy myself or own anything that doesn't serve a purpose! I drastically downsized over the last 5 years. I even got rid of most of everything sentimental.

I stopped going to my barber after 3 years because I found out he doesn't believe in global warming. I will not continue to fund this stupidity.

I will occasionally reach into the top of the trash can if it's convenient, grab a few of the recyclables and move them over to the recycling container.

I have tried to educate people to take their prescription medication to their doctor's office or pharmacy so they are disposed of correctly.

I have also tried to educate people to take their batteries to an electronic store, a library or county building to be disposed of correctly.

I have created several online petitions, encouraged people to make petitions and sign online petitions. I also sign for the people on the streets trying to pass a specific initiative.

I spend several hours (every single day) helping educate people online about environmental sciences. The majority of that is spent responding to Facebook messages and emails.

In 2008 I spent dozens of hours researching and compiling a checklist of ways to make a home more energy and water efficient. It is still available on my website.

I confront the people who litter in front of me unless they are really drunk or crazy and essentially waste my time.

I have placed several of my environmental books in the free book library throughout Santa Cruz County.

I haven't made my bed or folded my laundry over the last five years because I feel that it's a waste of my life on this Earth that I could instead dedicate towards environmental projects.

I would love to have my own dog or a pet but they also acquire a large amount of time and resources.

I generally eat one large meal a day and have been doing this for many years. If the situation allows (yes) I will eat more than once a day but most of the time it's only one meal.

I stopped accepting free stuff such as flyers, handouts, business cards or little gifts unless I feel they are a value to my environmental projects.

I never smoked cigarettes and haven’t smoked weed more than a few times over the last 3 years.

I do not care about money, therefore, I do not work extra hard to acquire it and spend it. Everyone should be working less and buying less stuff!

I have now purchased and distributed over 1,250 excessive plastic packaging stickers to be placed on store products. I just built a new website Envirolize .com

I went to Cabrillo College through 84 units which is equivalent to 7 full-time semesters. I would often sleep in my vehicle and go to school the next day to eliminate extra round trips.

I did a lot of research and chose Samsung over iPhone. Samsung has done a lot of good environmental PR and I have used one for approximately 8 years.

All of my website hosting servers are powered by 100% wind energy. I have been with them for approximately 4 years.

A long time ago when I did have a truck and never used the AC. I would just roll down the windows!

I quit my job working construction to focus on environmental issues!

I stopped paying all of my credit cards (ruined my credit) so I can spend every dollar on environmental projects. There is currently nothing more important.

When I shop at grocery stores I look for specific logos like 1% for the Planet, Organic, GMO-Free, Rainforest Alliance etcetera.

I usually turn my phone off at night so it does not use extra energy.

The last time I painted my room I bought non-toxic zero VOC paint for extra money.

In 2008 I offered to give one of my friends an ounce of weed to watch the 11th hour because he didn't believe in global warming. He didn't believe in it so much he wouldn't even accept my offer.

I completely stopped growing weed 3 years ago because of its impact on the environment.

Last year when I traveled through 11 European countries over 5 months. I used buses and trains as my only mode of transportation between countries. While in each country, I walked almost everywhere and occasionally rode a bike or took a train. I stayed in hostels (shared housing) camped out and occasionally used Couchsurfing .com.

I've been passing out biodegradable containers samples from a local container store with their business cards for (absolutely) no commission. I am just trying to accelerate our transition to sustainability.

I create a Facebook group about enviro issues and help people network with one another. It currently has 7200 members. It is called Envirolize.

I constantly educate people that matches are more eco-friendly than lighters.

Sometimes I consciously take the stairs rather than the elevator.

I have used the Uber and Lyft carpool option several times. I also promote multiple carpool websites.

The next gift I get my sister will be an electric scooter.

I constantly promote our local solar company. Unfortunately, no one has ever bought one yet.

I always eat leftovers before making fresh food because it is the right thing to do!

When at my friend’s house I will eat the food that will otherwise go uneaten or expire. This will limit me from buying or eating one fresh meal in the future.

I don't watch TV and don't play video games. These are two industries I try not to support even though I have several PSAs running.

I am out in nature or the forest a large portion of the time.

I never flush the toilet if just urine… even if it might disgust the woman using a shared bathroom.

I got arrested and fined for spray painting on a business sign that was misleading our community about selling organic food.

I have spoken to the people in charge at Jamba Juice, Taqueria Vallarta and New Leaf headquarters in Santa Cruz asking them to switch out the single-use plastic cups with biodegradable ones. They just ignore me.

I have met with Drew Glover from the Santa Cruz City Council discussing environmental issues, pollution, and climate change while working through strategies for dealing with them.

On Christmas a few years ago I bought my niece and nephew very expensive toys from Green Toys. They were made from 100% recycled plastic!

When I returned from Europe (over a year ago) after speaking at the UN Climate Change Conference simulation in Vienna, Austria I spent 5-6 hours sending 300 emails to dozens of news organizations around the world. I thought this would be the best way to reach and warn the most amount of people. I was asking and begging them to do stories on global warming. I didn't get any responses back.

I own the domain names Envirolize .com, Envirolization .com, Environmentalization .com and Ecoairless .com.

I've been to many wharves around the world and notice they have a baseboard to prevents the trash from falling into the ocean. The Santa Cruz wharf does not. The edge of the wharf is the same height as sidewalks so anytime trash is on the sidewalk it easily blows or rolls into the ocean. I also made a petition about this 4 years ago but no one cared.

I have dedicated the majority of my life to helping people, animals, and the environment. Every single day I brainstorm how I could make the most impactful ecological difference!

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