Envirolization - Part 3

by Alekz Londos
(Santa Cruz, California)

I am now a Save Our Shores beach cleanup sanctuary steward. This is from another beach cleanup that I also participated in and helped!

I am now a Save Our Shores beach cleanup sanctuary steward. This is from another beach cleanup that I also participated in and helped!

I haven't had a refrigerator for 3 years. I generally buy non-perishable items.

When I order a drink I ask for it without a straw, without ice, and in a paper cup if they are planning on giving it to me in plastic… sometimes I forget.

I try to eat as many vegetables, nuts, and grains as possible. If there are a lot of options, I will always choose chicken over beef because they are raised on less land with less water and food resources to grow.

I don't buy laundry soap in plastic containers. I usually use powdered soap, baking soda or Bronner's Soap that I refill at Staff of Life or the Food Bin.

I don't buy myself or own anything that doesn't serve a purpose! I drastically downsized over the last 5 years. I even got rid of most of everything sentimental.

I stopped going to my barber after 3 years because I found out he doesn't believe in global warming. I will not continue to fund this stupidity.

I will occasionally reach into the top of the trash can if it's convenient, grab a few of the recyclables and move them over to the recycling container.

I have tried to educate people to take their prescription medication to their doctor's office or pharmacy so they are disposed of correctly.

I have also tried to educate people to take their batteries to an electronic store, a library or county building to be disposed of correctly.

I have created several online petitions, encouraged people to make petitions and sign online petitions. I also sign for the people on the streets trying to pass a specific initiative.

I spend several hours (every single day) helping educate people online about environmental sciences. The majority of that is spent responding to Facebook messages and emails.

In 2008 I spent dozens of hours researching and compiling a checklist of ways to make a home more energy and water efficient. It is still available on my website.

I confront the people who litter in front of me unless they are really drunk or crazy and essentially waste my time.

I have placed several of my environmental books in the free book library throughout Santa Cruz County.

I haven't made my bed or folded my laundry over the last five years because I feel that it's a waste of my life on this Earth that I could instead dedicate towards environmental projects.

I would love to have my own dog or a pet but they also acquire a large amount of time and resources.

I generally eat one large meal a day and have been doing this for many years. If the situation allows (yes) I will eat more than once a day but most of the time it's only one meal.

I stopped accepting free stuff such as flyers, handouts, business cards or little gifts unless I feel they are a value to my environmental projects.

I never smoked cigarettes and haven’t smoked weed more than a few times over the last 3 years.

I do not care about money, therefore, I do not work extra hard to acquire it and spend it. Everyone should be working less and buying less stuff!

I have now purchased and distributed over 1,250 excessive plastic packaging stickers to be placed on store products. I just built a new website Envirolize .com

I went to Cabrillo College through 84 units which is equivalent to 7 full-time semesters. I would often sleep in my vehicle and go to school the next day to eliminate extra round trips.

I did a lot of research and chose Samsung over iPhone. Samsung has done a lot of good environmental PR and I have used one for approximately 8 years.

All of my website hosting servers are powered by 100% wind energy. I have been with them for approximately 4 years.

A long time ago when I did have a truck and never used the AC. I would just roll down the windows!

I quit my job working construction to focus on environmental issues!

I stopped paying all of my credit cards (ruined my credit) so I can spend every dollar on environmental projects. There is currently nothing more important.

When I shop at grocery stores I look for specific logos like 1% for the Planet, Organic, GMO-Free, Rainforest Alliance etcetera.

I usually turn my phone off at night so it does not use extra energy.

The last time I painted my room I bought non-toxic zero VOC paint for extra money.

In 2008 I offered to give one of my friends an ounce of weed to watch the 11th hour because he didn't believe in global warming. He didn't believe in it so much he wouldn't even accept my offer.

I completely stopped growing weed 3 years ago because of its impact on the environment.

Last year when I traveled through 11 European countries over 5 months. I used buses and trains as my only mode of transportation between countries. While in each country, I walked almost everywhere and occasionally rode a bike or took a train. I stayed in hostels (shared housing) camped out and occasionally used Couchsurfing .com.

I've been passing out biodegradable containers samples from a local container store with their business cards for (absolutely) no commission. I am just trying to accelerate our transition to sustainability.

I create a Facebook group about enviro issues and help people network with one another. It currently has 7200 members. It is called Envirolize.

I constantly educate people that matches are more eco-friendly than lighters.

Sometimes I consciously take the stairs rather than the elevator.

I have used the Uber and Lyft carpool option several times. I also promote multiple carpool websites.

The next gift I get my sister will be an electric scooter.

I constantly promote our local solar company. Unfortunately, no one has ever bought one yet.

I always eat leftovers before making fresh food because it is the right thing to do!

When at my friend’s house I will eat the food that will otherwise go uneaten or expire. This will limit me from buying or eating one fresh meal in the future.

I don't watch TV and don't play video games. These are two industries I try not to support even though I have several PSAs running.

I am out in nature or the forest a large portion of the time.

I never flush the toilet if just urine… even if it might disgust the woman using a shared bathroom.

I got arrested and fined for spray painting on a business sign that was misleading our community about selling organic food.

I have spoken to the people in charge at Jamba Juice, Taqueria Vallarta and New Leaf headquarters in Santa Cruz asking them to switch out the single-use plastic cups with biodegradable ones. They just ignore me.

I have met with Drew Glover from the Santa Cruz City Council discussing environmental issues, pollution, and climate change while working through strategies for dealing with them.

On Christmas a few years ago I bought my niece and nephew very expensive toys from Green Toys. They were made from 100% recycled plastic!

When I returned from Europe (over a year ago) after speaking at the UN Climate Change Conference simulation in Vienna, Austria I spent 5-6 hours sending 300 emails to dozens of news organizations around the world. I thought this would be the best way to reach and warn the most amount of people. I was asking and begging them to do stories on global warming. I didn't get any responses back.

I own the domain names Envirolize .com, Envirolization .com, Environmentalization .com and Ecoairless .com.

I've been to many wharves around the world and notice they have a baseboard to prevents the trash from falling into the ocean. The Santa Cruz wharf does not. The edge of the wharf is the same height as sidewalks so anytime trash is on the sidewalk it easily blows or rolls into the ocean. I also made a petition about this 4 years ago but no one cared.

I have dedicated the majority of my life to helping people, animals, and the environment. Every single day I brainstorm how I could make the most impactful ecological difference!

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