Envirolization - Part 2

by Alekz Londos
(Santa Cruz, California)

I was doing disaster relief work and providing humanitarian aid in the Florida Keys two days after Hurricane Irma

I was doing disaster relief work and providing humanitarian aid in the Florida Keys two days after Hurricane Irma

I buy toms toothpaste, Toms mouth rinse and have for the last 4 or 5 years. I now buy soft bristle toothbrushes because I found they last so much longer than medium.

When I am not hang-drying my clothes, I try to use dryer balls or tennis balls placed in the dryer to shorten the time it takes to dry them.

I try not to pollute my mind with media or material that is not going to benefit my future. I often spend my time watching educational environmental documentaries on Netflix and Youtube!

I don't waste water and install low-flow water fixtures where I live! I constantly report the water leaks to the county.

I don't waste electricity and even turn lights off in public bathrooms.

It is summer, I could be on a cheap cruise right now! However, I choose not to because they are not ecological.

I try not to eat at corporate restaurants such as McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, etc. I do support Chipolte because they use whole foods, semi-organic ingredients and have clean stainless steel kitchens. They don’t use Teflon or aluminum pans. They also separate their trash into multiple categories.

I am a minimalist, every single thing I now own would fit in a five square foot area!

I took a multi-hour training course to be a Save Our Shores beach cleanup steward.

I go out of my way to buy FSC products such as paper, notepads, pencils, toilet paper or lumber.

When I lived in a huge house in Boulder Creek over a five-year period I never once used a trash bag. They are so pointless..... it is just as easy to put your trash into the kitchen trash can, take it outside and dump in the main trash can. I think trash bags are a scam and just another way to keep people seemingly dependent on buying plastic.

I have made, sold and given away hundreds of clones and cuttings of grapes, figs, nopal cactus, and goji berries.

I support and promote the local bike shop Pacific Avenue Cycles. I have even bought and given away store credits to people!

I often go to the flea market or farmers markets every week.

Like many people, I loved to skydive, motocross, and four-wheel driving when I was younger but it is not eco-friendly so haven't done it since. I also drastically cut back on watching movies in the theaters and other past times that are not eco-friendly like beach bonfires =(

I support local businesses when I can and buy local. I also try to buy fruits and vegetables only in season!

I try to avoid synthetic fabrics derived from fossil fuels; Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Spandex, Acetate, etc.

I always warn people about those soft popular microfiber blankets! I advise them to get a microfilter for their washing machine.

Whenever I am desperately thirsty to buy a store beverage I prioritize aluminum, paper, and glass before plastic containers unless it's organic and the best option.

I am knowledgeable of phantom loads of electricity and unplug those little black boxes when not in use.

I invented a water-free urinal 10 years ago that everyone laughed at, five years later they went mainstream.

I inspired my stepdad to begin his current company which is collecting large volumes of organic waste from restaurants and feeding them to earthworms. He now sells organic worm castings professionally.

I inspired one of my carless friends to start eating organically and also know the importance of recycling.

I don't use chemical cleaning products, duh.

I have been buying organic sunscreen for at least the last five years. I've been doing this long before the widespread knowledge of sunscreen's impact on sea life.

I've downsized sold most of what I owned and spent the money on humanitarian missions or projects to raise awareness of climate change.

I sometimes eat fruits from fruit trees while walking down the street rather than buying them in stores. This reduces the emissions from transporting the fruit.

I usually stay on the trails while hiking to avoid walking on or killing plants and insects. This helps to minimize ecological disruptions.

I never purposely kill bugs; mosquitos are the only exception.

I walk up to people and ask them not to sit in their vehicle while it idles. Santa Cruz County has a 90-second enforceable law No. 2015-05. I have told 5 people about this within the last week.

An hour ago I almost got into a major conflict by educating someone about No. 2015-05 and almost got beat up =/

I have co-organized two March Against Monsanto protests downtown in Santa Cruz, California.

I was one of the 13 people who spoke at the podium during the Pajaro Valley School District council meeting right before they unanimously agreed to ban Roundup in 34 schools!

I talk to almost every business I visit about how to reduce their carbon footprint or dependency on single-use plastic. Yes, I am that annoying guy.

I am an active member of the Extinction Rebellion.

I have attended and participated at a dozen environmental or climate change group meetings at the Rio Theater, the Grange, Resource Center for Nonviolent, UCSC and the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

I always promote vegetarianism and veganism. I compliment and praise vegetarians and vegans every chance I get!! Several of my x-girlfriends were vegans. I am honestly proud of their commitment and dedication. They are doing what I cannot at this time.

I have stood at the clock tower downtown for over 5 hours holding a Climate Change Emergency sign, by myself.

I have done dozens of environmental video projects and interviews, two of my Public Service Announcements PSA are still airing on TV.

I have paid Facebook $2800 to boost out environmental content people around the world including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, the Philippines, etc.

I have uncovered and reported 2 Hazmat cover-ups.

I have reported vehicles that were polluting thick smoke did not pass smog and were clearly not exempted because of the age of the vehicles.

I compost organic matter every chance I have.

I always tell people in their car and on bicycles when their tires are low. Vehicles are more fuel efficient when the tires are inflated to the correct pressure.

I have purchased and distributed 2600 red/white stickers that said GLOBAL WARMING to help with educating the general public and initiating conversations.

I have now been to Earth Day three separate times! =D

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