Envirolization - Part 1

by Alekz Londos
(Santa Cruz, California )

This image is from an a trash cleanup Drew Glover (from the Santa Cruz City Council) and I organized at Natural Bridges State Park a few years ago.

This image is from an a trash cleanup Drew Glover (from the Santa Cruz City Council) and I organized at Natural Bridges State Park a few years ago.

People always criticize me or ask what have I personally done for the environment!? Here is a partial list. No, I am not perfect but I try my best.... feel free to question me on anything I listed.

I started learning about and studying sustainability on my own back in 2003. I now consider myself extremely environmentally educated.

I chose not to have children about 14-16 years ago because of my knowledge of environmental degradation and global warming.

I haven't owned or driven a car for over 5 years.

I have eaten as much organic or biodynamic food as often as possible over the last 6 or 7 years. A few years, in the beginning, I was close to 100% organic food consumption.

I recently lived in an off-grid cargo shipping container tiny home for 2 years that was powered 95% solar and 60% rainwater catchment.

I have worn only two outfits over the last year not including socks; 6 months for one, 6 months for the other!! This was an enviro test project that I am now done with.

I have not worn boxers for the last 9-10 years, maybe longer.

I generally shower twice a week unless otherwise necessary.

I donate a large portion of my monthly income to environmental nonprofits. I mainly support Community Carbon Trees Costa Rica.

Over the last 4 years, I have only personally turned on the AC when I was in Iraq.

I have organized multiple trash cleanups in my community. The largest was a few years ago when I recruited 30 volunteers and together we removed 1000 car tires from a creek ravine in the Redwood forest.

I generally walk everywhere... sometimes I bike or carpool. When I travel, I generally take the train or a bus. When I buy my tickets I always donate to offset my carbon upon checkout.

Over the last 8 years, I have never flown anywhere that wasn't for a humanitarian mission or environmental project... except for Vegas once =(

When I do fly I donate to nonprofits to offset the carbon impact of the flight as most airlines offer this service.

I took several Cabrillo College courses in environmental science. This helps keep the classes funded and on the college class schedule.

I spent 8 years writing a book about environmental science, pollution and climate change. I released the book approximately 4 years ago.

I usually always asked to receive my water without ice when at restaurants because it takes energy and resources to create ice. Every time I do this around my family or friends it helps set a good example.

I have spoken in front of 27 middle schools, elementary schools, colleges or group classes. I usually talk about environmental issues, climate change, and disasters in every speech.

I have also been on the radio, podcast, the news and in the newspaper covering these topics.

I constantly have meetings with government officials, politicians, owners of companies and nonprofit about environmental issues.

I vote with my money the best I can every day based on where I shop, eat and spend my time.

I haven't had an active cell phone for over a year!! Wow!

I consciously avoid palm oil, synthetic sugar, fake honey from China and artificial ingredients. I also try to avoid processed foods although it is difficult in the world we live in.

I am 38 and have only used a plastic razor shave my face several times in my entire life! I use rechargeable shaver.

I go to my way to recycle, help others learn to recycle and promote recycling.

I don't litter, and I pick up trash everywhere I walk, places I go or adventure.

I sometimes carry my own trash in my pockets or backpack for hours until I am near a trashcan. When out camping in the wilderness I carry my trash for weeks.

I have taken several college courses in farming and horticulture. I have been able to give lots of people horticulture advice and tips.

Yes, of course, I try to eat a plant-based diet as often as possible but I'm not going to let the meat get wasted at a friends or families house. I will always prioritize eating edible leftovers before fresh food.

I have not only been to the city dump up the coast from Santa Cruz, the one in Watsonville and Ben Lomond transfer station, I have also been to The Sims recycling facility in San Jose and Grey Bears in Capitola. All of these places allow the general public to separate everything recyclable into categories and subcategories!

From 2011-2016 I grew a lot of my own heirloom organic vegetables, composted, had to do worm bin, had a hydroponics system, aquaponics system, chickens for eggs, raised rabbits for meat and fertilizer. I only killed and ate two of them. Did you know rabbits are the most sustainable meat source on Earth?

I have invested thousands of dollars in heirloom organic seeds. If anyone would like some seeds just let me know.

I have been carrying and promoting reusable water containers for 10 years.

I have had my reusable coffee cup, straw, napkin and spork with me over the last few years. Unfortunately, someone just stole my straw =/

I try to eat all of my food especially in a restaurant that uses plastic to go containers! In knowing this I take the size of my order into consideration.

I generally camp in the woods or wilderness several months out of a year.

I've been using rechargeable double AA batteries over the last 8 years. I have charged them on my portable solar panels approximately 1/3 of the time.

When I shop for medications, pharmaceuticals or tinctures I usually shop at health food stores such as Whole Foods or New Leaf.

I buy food from health food stores, farmers markets or in bulk from Costco. I feel that I usually eat at the salad bar or hot bar at health food stores the most.

I am very cautious while shopping because companies are using excessive plastic methods to sell you their product. I will NOT buy a bag of chips, a seaweed snack, a bag of trail mix only half full or single cookie in a huge plastic container. This is drastically contributing to our global pollution crisis and that I will not be a part of.

No, I do not wear deodorant and probably haven't for at least 4-6 years.

I have been using Bronner's soap over the last 7 years supplemented with bar soap. I am working on switching to only bar soap.

I bought poison stickers online and went into Home Depot placing them on multiple bottles of Roundup.

I do a lot of research before I buy something to make sure it is of high quality, will perform its function and won’t break and end up in a landfill.

I completely stopped buying or owning white clothes 6 years ago to avoid using bleach.

I went to the Facebook Headquarters in California for Laurent because his Climate Change Guide Facebook page was hacked.

If I am going to cross a road at a sidewalk point of intersection, I will usually stand back or delay approaching so traffic continues their velocity. I usually wait until there is a break in traffic before approached the crosswalk because when cars stop or slow down they lose their momentum and it then takes additional fossil fuels to get back to the previous speed.

I'm very, very good about not wasting food!!!! I have only wasted food a few times in the last 7 years and felt horrible about it.... even when I do it gets composted or fed to chickens.

I usually plan out my day, where I am traveling and the errands I run to be as efficient as possible.

Whenever I eat canned food I just eat it out of the can. I don’t need to dirty a bowl or use energy to heat it…. my friends always questioned me for this.

When I have bought appliances in the past I assure they are of good Energy Star rating.

I convinced TWO of my friends to buy Priuses! Yay for Francesco and Eleyah! They have each had them for 4 years now =)

Right now I am actually in a Prius carpooling heading to get lunch at Aqui, an organic Mexican Restaurant.

I constantly help homeless people and others less fortunate than myself. This helps close the gap between the rich and the poor as well as encourages our global transition toward a caring society.

When I send FedEx where UPS packages I always click the option to offset the carbon upon check out.

Before I throw something away make sure that I cannot sell it, donate it or give it to someone needs it more.

I vote democratic or green party and will again vote for Bernie Sanders!!

I have stood in line overnight at two Bernie Sanders Rallies just to be right there in front of him showing my support!

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