Energy Efficiency

by BlueRam Group

There is an absolute wealth of material that's floating around on the net about the use of renewable energy sources – and rightly so. We need to make every advance that we can to increase the renewables proportion of our total energy usage. Our addiction to energy from fossil fuels needs to end.

However, there is one very crucial step you need to take before embarking on any renewable energy project for our own homes. I refer to the need to conserve energy and become more energy efficient.

If you live in North America then you are really an energy gobbler. The average usage is 12,000 Kilowatt-hours per year per household. In Europe it's only half that. One can also imagine that the usage figures in countries like China and India are rising substantially, given their industrial activity.

Reducing your energy footprint

Any steps you can take to reduce the amount of energy you use will pay huge dividends when it comes to setting up any renewable energy project. Analysts estimate that every dollar you save on current usage will translate into three to five dollars cost savings on your new renewable energy system, whether it be wind, solar or another alternative energy resource.

To put it bluntly, we waste a lot of energy. With little thought for the consequences of the impact of energy from fossil fuels we continue to buy new gadgets and appliances, all of which consume even more energy.

So what can we do to conserve energy and become more energy efficient?

It all starts with understanding where your energy dollars are currently being spent. Once you have a grip on that there are a number of steps that every home owner can take to become energy efficient and these are outlined for you at Home Energy Savings

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