Disaster Risk Reduction

by Dale Gozar
(Lot-5 Blk-6 Phase-1 Dela Costa Homes 5 Brgy. Burgos Montalban Rizal Philippines)

Four years ago nobody listened, cared or understood my vision. I'm glad that our Government finally realized what I have been suggesting before.


To avoid panic, looting & chaos it is necessary to convey messages or instructions before, during & after any disaster.

It is also vital to receive/transmit information & news in the community in times of crisis. Also, it is crucial to warn occupants of impending danger. Hence, the following items are highly recommended:

  1. PA/GA system - Public Address / General Alarm allows emergency page or announcement via any speaker-equipped street lights.
  2. Alarm or siren - warning device in case of Flooding, storm Surge, Tidal Wave, Fire, Earthquakes, etc.
  3. Satellite phone (cannot be damaged by any Typhoon) enables local officials (mayors/governors) to communicate with our National Government.
  4. Radio base station (cannot be damaged by any Typhoon) enables Barangay (the smallest administrative division in the Philippines) officials with mayors/government and amongst themselves.

  5. Video 1   |  Video 2  |  Video 3  |  Video 4

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