Climate Change Worsens Drought

by Frankki

Climate change causes volatility and predictability of weather patterns in numerous countries the world over. It made the job of our weather men difficult in producing anticipate results. Heavy rainfall, snows, extreme cold and heat wave come at no time.

Smog is an annual occurrence during the dry season in this golden triangle between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It is being carried by south westerly wind that made it the worst for years. It also sparks tension between Indonesia and her neighbors.

Prolong dry spell enhanced the job of slash and burn in land clearing. However, the resulting smog in June 2013 follows the wind to blanket part of Malaysia and Singapore. All the blame is focused on Indonesia in controlling open burning and the consequences of increasing peat fires.

Putting off fires in remote areas was hindered by lack of water and logistic aspect to access the sites. Climate change also causes water to dry up that made dosing off peat fire a daunting task.

Poor visibility in the city has obscured prominent landmarks, caused flight landing difficulties and reducing tourists. The smoke also contributed to collisions on the roads and at sea, and a number of air disasters.

Few clouds rendered rain inducing technology inapplicable. Hence, there is never ending burning that spread over larger areas. Water bombing were producing little results and it's expensive to carry out throughout hundreds of hot spots that are burning simultaneously. Heavy rainfall is the savior that can dose off peat fires and reduce the haze visibility to healthy level.

The Air Pollution Index (API)

APIAir Pollution Level
101-200Lightly Polluted
201-250Moderately Polluted
251-300Heavily Polluted

API exceeding 300 is very unhealthy that can cause various health problems. And yet, Singapore and southern Malaysia has hit 300+ for a few days in June 2013. Feeling the acrid and burning sensation in the throat were common then.

Schools in Malaysia and Singapore was instructed to close when the API exceeds 300. Protective masks and air purifiers were selling like hot cake, outdoor activities are strongly discouraged.

While, it's a viable policy to pursue zero-burn policy to counter climate change, zero-deforestation policy will hinder the progress of a country’s economic advances. Slash and recycle natural resources are sustainable in term of environmental issues, economic progress and jobs creation.

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