Climate Change Simulation Game

by Jens Isensee
(Braunschweig, Germany)

Imagine Earth

Climate change is apparently the most underestimated threat in the history of computer games as well. Imagine Earth is the name of a futuristic world simulation that aims to change that. It puts this thrilling. Imagine Earth is the name of a futuristic world simulation and into a motivating game flow. The game wants to offer the biggest possible freedom of choice to the players so they can develop their own strategies for development and sustainability.

Imagine Earth is a futuristic world simulation. Your job as a colony manager is to explore and populate various undiscovered planets. Raise great cities and supply the needs of your growing population by building power plants, farms and factories. The challenge is to deal with the whole planetary ecosystem and its natural limitations in fossile resources and environmental resilience. Do research for renewable energy sources and develop sustainable production lines to avoid overgrowth and climate collapse of your new homeworlds. Will it end up in tremendous desolation or can you lead your colony into wealth and prosperity?

An Enthusiastic Project

“Your decisions will most likely lead into states where you have to rethink your whole way of playing!” – Jens Isensee, the Designer

“Exploring the balance between growth and sustainability is the key to success in this game, as it is the final challenge for every civilization.” – Martin Wahnschaffe, the Programmer

"Oh, and don’t let the cutesy graphics and streamlined interface fool you; Imagine Earth can be a most demanding beast.“ – Gnome,

The game is enthusiastic project of two men and it is currently available on Early Access. Players can support the independent development and play all finished missions until the final version game gets released publicly by the end of this year.

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