Climate Change, Next Threat to the World

by Aashish Sehgal
(Planet Earth)

Animals are living in a green environment whereas human beings are living in concrete jungles. Most of the cities are choked with carbon monoxide, harmful gases from air conditioners. Plastics are lying everywhere, no place to dump them. Human beings have destroyed not just the landscape of this beautiful world but also have affected marine life. Oceans are full of plastic waste, by 2050 there will be more plastics than fishes in the sea. Intervention is of such magnitude that we are under grave danger of being extinct species in a few years.

Our ideas of beautification were not needed at all. God already created beautiful mountains and beaches on this lovely planet. Monuments of concrete were not required. Green fields were lovely to see, road blankets made of coal tar were not required.

Billions of dollars were spent searching for life on other planets and billions were spent in destroying life on Planet Earth. Humanity is thinking of evacuating to another planet where life can be supported. He will do the same with that planet and will then look for another one. Humans have been ruthless, heartless for so many years. Mother Earth has been given a very bad treatment for centuries.

It is high time we care for this lovely, most beautiful planet of the universe or we will repent one day. Trust me, we won't cease to exist due to any world war, but we will cease to exist due to climate change. The best thing we can do for restoring balance is a minimal intervention with nature. Let trees spread their branches without any concrete walls to stop them. I hope, my message has been conveyed, before it is too late.

You can read an interesting story which revolves around climate change at the link below:

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