Climate Change Mitigation Plan

by Nathan White
(San Diego, CA.)

As you and I know, we as a people face environmental degradation and global climate change which will affect all of humanity.

These headlines are being verified, but what isn't being documented in media outlets are the solutions.

Our Mission

It is our mission at AGESS to bring professional management services to implement alternate water, food and energy solutions to the San Diego metropolitan region & Imperial Valley.

We deploy existing technologies to treat nutrient overloading, carbon sequestration, water desalinization, while concurrently producing large amounts of alternative energies and biofuels.

Our goal is to utilize abundant waste resources and repurpose them for high value second life cycles.

Your Help

With your help we can have a positive dialogue, illustrating a different picture of our future---a future full of environmental justice coupled with a robust economy and alternative-energy independence.

In response to what seems to be insurmountable challenge; we the people can write the future.

Moto: ​"Professional project management, for a better environment."

Please read the PDF of climate mitigation planning for San Diego and Imperial Valley with large applications for water and energy throughout California.

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