Climate Change Around the World and How It Affects Cultures

by Austin
(USA )

Myself: Austin

Myself: Austin

With climate change on the rise, many people are starting to feel, see and know the effects. Governments are starting to pay attention, world leaders like the pope are now promoting sustainability, and scientists are finding new ways to prevent the human race from accelerating climate change.

However, what most people don't get to see is not only the effects of it in some areas, but how it is affecting cultures around the world. Climate change is causing polar ice caps to melt, glaciers to disappear, and much more.

My Story

I am Austin, I am traveling to different places in the world filming, and writing a book about climate change and how it is affecting cultures. I am sad to say that some of the changes I have seen are just staggering, but this is why I am doing this, to help raise awareness about the effects of climate change and how it is drastically changing people lives and affecting certain cultures around the world.

The next place on my list is Iceland. I am hoping to raise 2200 for this trip so that I can travel to each major city and get interviews, film the everyday life of certain people there and visit the remaining glaciers, volcanoes, and the highest peaks in Iceland to get video and photos.

My Mission

The money raised for this trip includes hostels to stay in, one more camera to get multiple angle shots at the same time, transportation between cities, guides to get up to the hard parts of the glaciers/ mountains to reach, and food. I already have a flight sponsored and have most of the technical climbing gear and video/photo equipment needed. Just need help with the rest!

My end goal with this is to create a free documentary and book that will be published on the Apple Store, travel, culture, climate change blogs that shows how much the world is changing and how cultures are being affected by this.

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