Climate Change and Global Warming in Pakistan

by Muhammad Irfan
(Multan, Pakistan)

Every year the winters are shrinking and a few days of cold weather leaves us fresh and pleasant to face the scorching heat of the sun.

This calamity has left everyone in every possible field worried because this global warming will affect our lifestyles.

The earth's climate is vibrant and always changing through a natural cycle. What the world is more concerned about is that the changes that are happening today have caught fire because of our very own deeds. These transformations are studied by scientists throughout the world, in an attempt to find any evidence from tree rings, pollen samples, ice cores, and sea sediments.

The causes of climate change fall into two main categories - those that are due to natural cycles and those that are influenced by society.

The natural causes are continental drifts, volcanoes, and ocean currents accompanied by earth tilts, whereas the human factors range from greenhouse gas emissions and population outgrowth which is resulting in less and less greenery.

Climate change has harshly endangered the natural habitats of many wildlife populations. Some of the rare bird species like the Black-throated thrush, finches, magpie and golden eagle have almost vanished as the local ecosystems have been futile to sustain their needs. The changing climate is also endangering many species of wolf and fox and their natural habitats.

The departure of vegetative covering, which has led to the migration of the Markhor and wild goats, has had ever negative implications for the elusive snow leopard, which, has now lost its critical food source.

We can mitigate climate change by adopting a few measures such as:

  • Starting awareness programs at the grass root levels which will allow small children to be conscious about conserving and planting trees and plants for more greenery.
  • Promoting good research programs on the part of developed nations to measure the ongoing damages to the natural environment of the remote communities in northern Pakistan.
  • Encouraging innovative approaches to environmental challenges caused by climate change by entirely making use of Indigenous knowledge.
  • Helping decrease pressure on the present forest belt by exploring convincing options to developing substitute energy sources.

The objective is to bring global warming under control by restraining the discharge of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping “greenhouse” gases into the atmosphere.

We can contribute to this global cause by taking personal measures. We can lend a hand instantaneously by becoming more energy efficient. Conserving and limiting our use of oil, gasoline, and coal can set an example for others to pursue.

If we do not do something now, we will leave a much more severe crisis to our children. The good news is that if we all join hands in stopping the climate change; we can decrease its impact on our lives, on our environment and future generations.

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