Citizens' Climate Lobby (Australia) - First National Conference

by Howard Witt
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Our Team

Our Team

Last weekend 27 of us gathered in the National Capital for a full weekend conference. We came from as far as Perth and Brisbane. Three great speakers set the scene covering:

  • Carbon Pricing in the Australian political economy – Warwick Smith
  • Regenerative Agriculture – the importance of carbon draw-down – Walter Jehne
  • Applying Fee and Dividend in the Australian context – Joe Robertson
We learned all about lobbying, practiced stepping into the PM’s shoes and simulated real lobbying scenarios.

Lobbying in Parliament House

The next 2 days we lobbied in Parliament House. We saw 7 MPs, 3 advisers, 3 Ministerial advisers and 1 endorsed candidate.

They were from Government, Opposition and the cross-bench. We learned so much and surprised ourselves at how much fun we had!

All of this happened against the backdrop of a dramatic change of Prime Minister at the end of the first day of lobbying.

And we bumped into some people from RESULTS, also doing some lobbying.

We are already looking forward to next years Conference and expect we will have a lot more people.

Learn more at CCL Australia.

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