Carbon Dioxide Starting a Zombie Era

A post-apocalyptic future. Old TV's dot the decayed landscape. A mother scarecrow saves her son from the clutches of technology and escapes a destroyed Earth.

Maya Lavelle is a Dutch singer-songwriter and producer, who with her latest song and music video "Zombie Town" is throwing light on the elephant in the room when it comes to climate change.

What does the future hold for the children of today and their children?

"It's pathetic innocence
There's less to pray for, more to pity”

Zombie Town, an allegory for the consequences of climate change, may not be far off the mark.

“The turning point for the human race was in 2017 when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named withdrew from the Paris climate agreement.”

Coming from The Netherlands, she has even more reason to be concerned, considering that a third of the country lies below sea level. The Netherlands is not the only country that would be severely impacted. Hundreds of coastal US towns and cities — from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Galveston, Texas — could disappear underwater by 2100. (Source)
“There's nothing more, but empty streets
I miss that green in evergreen
It felt like a dream
But no, this is real”

In the Zombie Town music video, the scarecrow’s dress and landscapes are draped in newspapers that signify fake news. Old TV's emphasize how the pervasiveness of fake news in social media have taken technology backward. Fake news that creates a perception amongst some that climate change is a hoax.
“Save the flowers for yourself
Don't waste it on some statue's head
You don't know that soldier well
Maybe he's not even innocent”

Referring to glorifying wrong heroes in politics that are directly sowing our miserable future to come. While we are leading battles against each other there is much bigger enemy growing and spreading among us. It's called carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can do what we never dreamt of, it can wipe out everything we built for centuries. It can stop humanity in our world and it is already doing so. According to Lavelle, in no time we'll wake up in one big graveyard, a Zombie Town, embraced by gore and sadness.

The data paints a bleak picture. Based on record surges in atmospheric CO2 (Source) and an acceleration in the warming of our oceans (Source), a “Zombie Town” might be all that is left for our children. Trip to Mars anyone?

There's a clear connection with Lavelle's more upbeat song Amazon which was written under a similar premise - due to her concern at the rate at which the rainforest is being decimated. She even recorded the sounds of real crickets and birds in Brazil and used it in her song to convey the power of nature. This is an ecological call to the preservation of The Earth’s lungs, the Amazon rainforest and you can watch it here:

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