Can Music Help Save Our Environment?

by Daniel Klayton
(Oroville, Washington, USA)

Angela Cross

Angela Cross

The 19th-century French liked to say, "l'art pour l'art" - art for art's sake.

Picasso liked to say, "This idea of art for art's sake is a hoax."

Pablo did not want just to create art - he wanted his art to shape the world.

Angela Cross ( is a musician in line with Picasso there - and for Angela, the goal is a sustainable world.

Angela grew up in Los Angeles, surrounded by excellent music and intense smog. From grade school (her school was Michael Jackson's grade-school alma mater, where MJ funded Angela's first music program) through college (a degree in classical saxophone - how's that for esoteric?), music was Angela's life.

When her heart began to crave a deeper connection to nature than the city of angels could offer, Angela backpacked around the world, from South America to Africa to Europe, drinking in some of the endless beauty belonging to our little planet.

When she returned to the states, her path was clear. Leaving the hustle and bustle of LA, Angela moved to rural Washington state, where she has since been building up a permaculture haven and vegan sanctuary on her 20-acre off-grid homestead.

Moreover, she brought the music with her. However, now, it has an even more profound purpose.

"Great music - like all great art - doesn't tell people how to feel," Angela says, "But what it does instead is wake people up to the feelings already inside them. It creates a perspective that people find themselves in."

Moreover, Angela sees great potential in that when it comes to transforming habits and shifting unsustainable trends.

"Lecturing and berating brings up people's defensiveness and resistance, so it can often be ineffective and frustrating. If you've ever argued with someone who doesn't think climate change is real, you know what I mean. But music slips past those defenses, because it speaks from inside."

Angela's latest environmentally charged video is a cover of The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back."

In Angela's hands, the pop classic becomes an epic orchestral journey of loss and hope, full of soulful choirs and heart-rending imagery.

"I've written a bunch of love songs, and it hit me that it was time for a love song to the planet, to the environment we're all part of. And while I was thinking about these things, "I Want You Back" started playing, and I just thought - oh my god, this is true on a whole new level, when you think about the world we're squandering."

Moreover, her inspiration rang true - this video will resonate with even the most tightly-strung heartstrings.

Angela's cover of "I Want You Back" is available as part of her latest album, "Black Moon Rising" - you can download it on iTunes ( or at

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